My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I’m freezing!

on September 18, 2012

Good morning, I’m sitting here with a heated corn pad on my lap. I’m cold! I went for a walk with Gemma this morning on the levee. Going out with the wind to our backs was fine, coming back in was COLD! I had to put my sweatshirt back on. I’m still cold and I hope this cool weather doesn’t last too long, I’m not ready yet. 😦

So, I wore earplugs to bed again, it wasn’t as great as the night before. I think the main reason is we didn’t have the louder fan on, tonight the loud one goes on! Our crazy cat loves to meow at 4am or so. I don’t get up until 4:30am (that’s early enough, thank you) and I really like my extra 1/2 hour. Today I managed 4:15 before I rolled out of bed to feed the beast.

My at home workout was 45 minutes on the treadmill and a bit of ab work. I’m surprised at how quickly the time went during my morning workout. Tomorrow it’s back to Jillian. Weight was 149.8#, so I’m not expecting a loss at weigh-in tomorrow. It’s crazy. Last week I ate all my points and my extra 49, but didn’t touch the activity and I was up .2#. This week I have over 30 of my extra 49 left and I’m still not getting a loss. Whatever. I truly am happy to be at my goal weight. It’s hard to maintain and not regain.

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping after Zumba and I found a cute new outfit to wear to work tonight. I tried on 4 pairs of pants and the final pair was the winner. No waist gap, no tight thighs, perfect fit! It was more money than I like to spend, but my wardrobe is seriously lacking and I needed those pants. So then I had to find a new shirt! LOL It’s a nice outfit and I’m glad I ‘invested’ in it. LOL

Tonight after work I’m stopping at Aldi again to stock up. I didn’t go last week and since we have run out of a lot of things I feel it’s necessary to go today. That means I get home a bit later and hope the girls get all their homework and chores done before I come home. I may have to leave a list again for them to follow.

That’s it from me, stay warm!


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