My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Happy Weekend!

on September 23, 2012

Good morning! I guess I didn’t blog yesterday, whoops. πŸ˜›

Yesterday my workout was just the treadmill. Then the girls and I hit up a bunch of stores….St. Vincent’s, Goodwill, Walmart, Library, Kwik Trip, Tami’s House, Tammy’s House & Jung’s. Hubby was working a side job so we ventured out as just us girls! It was a busy day, but it went quickly.

I had also asked my friend Tami to burn me some new songs. Thankfully she did and they are great! I loaded them on my music player last night, so when I walk this coming week I’ll have something decent *and motivating* to listen to.

Today my workout was a Bob Harper DVD from the library. Something like totally ripped core! Yeah,Β  it hurt and I was sweating and mildly cursing him. I’m glad the 45 minutes went fast! I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. The scale reads 149.4, not as low as yesterday’s 148.2#, but still under 150. I’m still shooting for a loss at weigh-in on Wednesday.

This afternoon the girls and I are going to plant some tulip and hyacinth bulbs we bought at Jung’s. I told them it’s part of my birthday present, the bulbs AND the fact they are going to help me weed and plant. πŸ™‚ We’ll see if they hold up their end or not.

Hubby is going to work again today, but should be done with his job. He’s looking forward to the extra ‘fun’ money to have again.

Here’s my upcoming week..

  • Monday – Zumba
  • Tuesday – Walk levee with Gemma, work Reedsburg WW
  • Wednesday – Work Portage WW
  • Thursday – Work Portage WW
  • Friday – Zumba
  • Saturday- Zumba, lunch with girlfriends!
  • Sunday – My birthday, no idea what we are doing! πŸ™‚

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