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She’s 10 today!

Today L turns 10! (She’s the one standing on the swing.) It’s crazy how times goes by. In honor of her birthday I told her I’d dedicate my booty-shakin’ at Zumba to her! LOL Actually her party starts at 4pm. She chose pizza, baked chips and baby carrots for her birthday meal. I made tie-dye cake last night and she decided to nix the icing and have it available if some kids want some. She also has cookies’n’cream Edy’s ice cream. She has a few games in mind, but we are heading to the Haunted Hayride tonight. It’s going to be chilly so I’m wearing long underwear! LOL

So, my second week of work went well. The time goes by very quickly at work and it’s hard to think I’ve been back for 2 weeks, only 8 more to go. I’ve been exercising 6 days a week and yesterday was my day-of-rest. My weight was 149.2# this morning, so that’s maintaining pretty well. I even survived birthday goodies at work this week. I brought in a pan of pumpkin angel food cake and my friend brought pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing. I had 1/2 of my serving and a 1″x1″ piece of hers. That was it no more, even though I could smell it ALL day! πŸ˜›

Today is Zumba, shopping and then picking out movies for the party.

Tomorrow is baking bread, prepping chili for the crockpot for Monday, dipping pretzels for L’s birthday treat and going to Zumba at 6pm.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow of all the fun!



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Good night! Working has me busy. Yeah, I know I’ve said that already, but seriously I’m not used to having less ‘free’ time! LOL

The scale this morning was 149.8# but after my junky snacky afternoon I’m sure I’ll be up a ton tomorrow. Thank goodness it’s temporary and I’m on track again or still or whatever you say. I like to use Wednesday afternoon as my ‘cheat’ time. It helps to keep me honest the other 6 1/2 days of the week. πŸ˜›

My workout this morning was just Zumba Toning. I did not stay for the regular class. Instead I ran a bunch of errands before I worked at Weight Watchers. We had another large meeting 45+ people weighed in! I also work tomorrow night. That means I have to pack all my snacks and meals for tomorrow except breakfast! Thankfully I prepped a bunch of it today so tomorrow morning won’t be too hectic. The girls are off school and will be at Tami’s all day Thursday and Friday.

Saturday is Zumba in the morning and then picking up movies for L’s birthday sleepover. Her party starts at 4pm, pizza, cake & ice cream before we head to the Haunted Hayride. We’ll have the movie(s) for afterwards or in case of rain. I also have to bake her cake at some point. I’m thinking Friday night or Saturday after Zumba.

I’m also planning on going to Zumba Sunday night too. Last week I was pretty tired when I went, but it was still a good time. πŸ™‚

That’s it from me, I’m off to read and rest.

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I’m an early riser!

Good morning! No matter the day, I’m up around 4-4:30am. I figured, why fight it, just get up. πŸ™‚ I also figured, eh, why workout this morning? Instead, I’m going to go to Zumba tonight at 6pm. *gasp* I know, an evening class, me? Well, I miss Zumba, period. So I put it on my workout calendar for today.

This morning we are headed to an apple orchard and a tiny bit of shopping. I have beef stew going in the crockpot for supper, which I plan on eating early so I’m not uncomfortable at Zumba tonight. I also need to make some bread for the girls’ lunches this coming week. Other than that I got a lot of my ‘to-do’ list done yesterday. I do need to prep some veggies for my lunches and figure out what I’m taking tomorrow, but that won’t take too long.

So, here’s my upcoming week…

  • Monday – workout at home, Work
  • Tuesday – workout at home, Work, Parent Club Meeting?
  • Wednesday- ZUMBA! (2 classes?), work at Weight Watchers, lunch out with co-workers
  • Thursday – workout at home, Work, girls to Tami’s (no school)
  • Friday – workout at home, Work, girls to Tami’s (no school), bake L’s birthday cake
  • Saturday – ZUMBA! Clean for party, L’s birthday party and haunted hayride that night
  • Sunday – Day-of-rest, Feed kiddos from sleepover and grocery shop, help L dip pretzel rods for birthday treat on Monday.

Nothing too exciting, just mapping it out for my sanity. πŸ˜›

I’m happy to report my first week of work went well. I enjoy working again and feeling productive. It’s also nice to earn some extra money for a bit too. I am happy to say that I try to move around a bit at work and eat in the breakroom only. It’s working out and my weight is still under 150#, which is where I like it.

I did finish up my new ActiveLink assessment too. I restarted it last Saturday because I wanted an accurate reading of my activity now that I work a desk job 4 days a week. Surprisingly I still earn 6 APs per day. I was thinking it would only be 4 or so, so I am happy with the results.

Enjoy your day.

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Wow, working 4 days a week is tough! πŸ™‚ I like it though, I just have to be ‘more’ organized than I already am. Thank goodness the weekend is upon us. I have a lot of catching up to do, thank goodness I made a list.

I worked WW last night, great meeting. I get to work again next week which I am happy about. The bad part is I leave the house at 7:20am and get home about 7:30pm! That makes for a super long day. I was tired last night, but it was actually hard to fall asleep.

No workout for this morning. It truly is a day of rest. See ya this weekend when I can post more.

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I’ve survived!

Good morning! I’ve successfully managed to work for two days in a row! πŸ˜› I’m enjoying my time at work. I’m amazed at the things I remember after 5 years of being away. Granted, I did the job for 9 years so you’d think I’d remember something. Now it just comes down to new deadlines and remembering how to properly save files from Photoshop and Illustrator. Not too tough so far. The major change this time around is I’m temporary. Meaning, I don’t have to do the pagination, I’m there to help with the advertising workload. I also won’t have many ‘difficult’ accounts, those are already farmed out to the other full-time designers. That means I get easier things, fun things, pick-ups ads, etc. Fine with me!

The day goes quickly. I’ve gotten up each morning and worked out at home. One morning was cardio the other was No More Trouble Zones with Jillian. I’m feeling that DVD this morning, my buttocks are sore and stiff! LOL I eat a filling breakfast, have cappuccino at work and a piece of fruit mid-morning and that holds me until lunch. I get 1/2 hour for lunch and then a couple of hours later I go in the breakroom for a afternoon snack. I’ll admit I haven’t been eating as much at work because I’m not as hungry. Maybe not having a kitchen full of food is a benefit to working. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I finished eating my lunch in about 20 minutes so I headed outside for a quick 10 minute walk. It was a tad windy but the weather and sunshine was gorgeous. It was odd that an hour later it started to rain, but it was only a passing shower.

I’m done work at 4:15 and then I head to Tami’s house to pick up the girls. It’s nice to see Tami each day and to know that my kids are having fun playing while I’m away. I’ve been making suppers that don’t take a lot of prep work. So far that’s working out okay, we don’t eat much later than we normally would. The girls have been helping by unpacking their lunches and backpacks. It’s still a learning process for them, but C seems to pick up on it a lot quicker than the other one does.

My weight this morning was 149.2#, less than last Wednesday. I weigh in at work today again for the final Lose For Good weigh-in. I’m not sure that I’ll keep weighing in weekly. It requires a change of clothes each time and that’s just a pain in the butt. So I work today at Weight Watchers and again tomorrow night. That means tomorrow I have to pack my lunch AND dinner. More planning on my part.

This morning I get to go to Zumba Toning and possibly the regular Zumba class afterwards. I’m going to see how I feel after toning since my legs are pretty sore. I know I should stay to critique the class, but again, we’ll see how I feel.

After WW I have to get a few things at Walmart and some books from the library. I hope to be home around 2:30pm at the latest so I can have an hour or so to myself before the girls get home.

That’s it from me. I’m alive and enjoying working again. I especially like having to work 2 days, off 1 and then work 2 more. It breaks it up a bit for me and gives me a chance to catch up on things at home.

Enjoy the day!

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It’s the final Friday.

Good morning! I’ve decided on a day of rest again. This weather is messing with my enthusiasm! No worries, my body deserves rest too. πŸ™‚

Let’s see. I weighed in on Wednesday at work at 150# on the nose. That’s my goal weight, so I was happy to submit that for the month of October. My weight this morning at home was 149.8#. I’m truly happy with keeping my weight under 150# even though I’d love to get down to 145#. Most people don’t think that 5# makes a huge difference, but it truly does for me and my body.

So, Monday I’ll be returning to work at my old place of employment. I haven’t worked there in 5 years! Time sure does go by quickly. Sadly AND happily, a lot of the people I used to work with are gone. I’m hoping that translates into LESS drama this time around. I’ll be working for 10 weeks, M T Th & F for 8 hour shifts. I have W off so I can still work my Weight Watcher meeting at 11am-1:30pm. I did NOT want to give that up. As a bonus, the Thursday night meeting has been up on attendance so I worked last night and I work next Thursday too. That will require some planning for me, since I’ll leave work at 4pm, pick up L from Art Club and then head to the church. Thankfully all of these places are on the same side of town. Unfortunately hubby has to come out to the church to get L and then to Tami’s house to get C. At least it’s only one day a week for him.

Also with working I now have to pack my lunch and snacks for the entire day. I’ve had it easy being home, eating what I want when I want. I can cook lunch if I’d like, where now I have to take things that only require a microwave. It’s doable, just a change for me.

The other thing I worry about is that this time of year I’ve generally put ON weight. Sitting at a desk isn’t going to help that situation at all so I have to be more conscientous of what I’m eating and try to move more throughout the day. Again, doable.

I’ve already decided on NO eating at my desk. I’ll have to take my 15 minute break in the morning for a snack and again in the afternoon. It’s a habit I don’t want to get into because it leads to mindless eating.

I’m also going to Zumba Toning on Wednesday mornings. I may or may NOT attend the Zumba class to follow. I have a feeling it will just leave me frustrated. So that means I have to keep going on Saturday morning at 8:30am, which won’t be a problem. I should encorporate Sundays at 6pm, but we’ll see where that goes. πŸ˜›

Otherwise I’ll keep up with cardio at home and my DVDs. I’ve worked out for over 7 years at 4:30am so there is no reason for that to change. When I worked at this job previously I had an hour lunch and walked for 30 minutes of it. I decided that I’d rather have a 30 minute lunch this time around and get done working earlier. That way if I feel like I need to walk I can walk after supper on the treadmill and catch up on TV, but still be home with my family. Makes sense?

Alright, enough of that. I think I feel better typing it all out! LOL Tomorrow I’m headed to Zumba at 8:30am and then hubby and I take the girls to their grandparent’s house for the day. We are headed to Madison for some shopping. I want to go to Goodwill to check out clothes for the girls and myself. I’m mostly interested in sweaters, I think I’m good on pants for once in my life. I’d like to go to JcPenney’s to look at winter coats. I saw some online that look promising. They also have some stretchy pants on sale for C. She’s okay with jeans, but likes a more knit pant and they have some on clearance right now. *fingers crossed* they have some in stock.

We also need to go to Woodman’s to stock up on a few items and we are going out to lunch. I told hubby to decide where we are going, but so far he hasn’t come up with anything. πŸ˜› I know it won’t be Applebee’s because he hates that place I requested that we don’t do Perkins since I go there with my girlfriends when we have lunch. Otherwise it’s wide open.

The other thing I’m going to mention is that once I return to work my blogging will slow down. Since I’ll be leaving the house at 7:20ish or so I won’t have time in the morning. I’ll be getting home around 4:45pm and then it’ll be starting supper and homework time. I will try to update on Wednesday at some point since that’s my less ‘busy’ day, but even that day will be pretty full. I’ll be doing Zumba, Weight Watchers and any mid-week shopping that I need to get done.

There, I’ve rambled on enough! Enjoy your Friday!

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Good morning! Boy, I slept great last night! My dreams have been very vivid the past two nights. Two nights ago I had a dream about giving birth. It was pretty realistic ‘feeling’ to me and so strange. I know what brought it on, I received an email that someone became a great grandmother again. I’m sure that’s it, NOT my desire to have another child. πŸ˜›Β  Last night’s dream had to do with returning to work. A former co-worker was in it telling me he knew I’d be back. There are other details that were strange to me, but again, it’s the whole issue of what’s going on in my brain!

Yesterday I looked for a new winter coat at Kohl’s. No dice. Way too expensive for my taste. Maybe I’ll check out Goodwill today and on Saturday when we go to Madison. Otherwise I’m going to JCPenney’s. I found a lot of good deals on their website and would like to try a few of them on.

Last night was my final meeting in Reedsburg until January 8th. Bittersweet….I’m going to miss a few of the ladies that go there. I hope to see a lot of changes when I return. πŸ™‚

So, on to today. I was going to skip my workout again, but decided to just grin and bear it! I got in a total of 35 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work. My obliques are still sore, but I like it so I felt the need to work them out some more. LOL My home scale said 149.4#, so we’ll see what the official weigh-in is at noon. I have a feeling I won’t really have a total loss after the Lose For Good challenge ends next week. I’ll be happy with a maintain overall.

Soon I need to head out for errands. I have to stop at the Credit Union, Dollar Tree, Pierce’s, Family Video, Walgreen’s and Walmart. I’m saving Walmart until after our meeting since I need to get some frozen veggies. The other stops are just for 1-2 items.

Enjoy your day!

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No snappy title!

Good morning! My triceps, biceps and obliques are sore today. I think my workout yesterday morning coupled with Zumba Toning is to blame for that. πŸ™‚

I really don’t have much going on. Eating is good, exercise is good, although it is tough to get out of my warm bed in the morning, but I do it.

I need to get a new winter jacket. I’ve had mine now for 7 years! The sleeves are white-ish and horribly stained. I’m leaving for Reedsburg early today so I can stop at Kohl’s. I found 3 jackets online that I am interested in trying on. One is a junior’s size and the other two are women’s. The junior one is $10 cheaper so I’ll go there first! πŸ™‚

Tonight is my last night working in Reedsburg until January. Bittersweet, but I can’t wait to see the change in everyone when I come back! I know a lot of them will be successful in losing the weight they want to and I’ll miss being there to cheer them on, but I don’t want the stress of rushing to another job in another town after working all day.

Alright, that’s all from me. Enjoy the day!

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Nappy nappy….

Good afternoon. I’m tired! A few minutes ago it just hit me how tired I really am. This morning I got up around 4:30ish. I felt unmotivated to work out, but I did. 10 minutes on the elliptical, a 15 min. arm DVD and 10 minutes of abs on my own. That was all I could muster. I didn’t even want to workout with Jillian this morning.

After my shower I got lunches ready for the girls, made them some breakfast. Well C’s anyway, L reheated some pancakes for herself. Then I made my usual oatmeal, but this morning I had cranberries to put in it! I love those tart little buggers!

Once the kids were on the bus I got online to check blogs, Facebook and email. As I sat here (with the cat on my lap) I thought…..”I should go to Zumba Toning this morning!” I promptly ran around to get myself ready to go and headed out the door. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I took a toning class. I thought it was okay the first time I did it, but I much prefer the regular class. I went today knowing it may be one of my options for Zumba once I go back to work. I did enjoy the class today, I wish I didn’t work my arms atΒ home beforehand, but lesson learned there. πŸ˜› I also stayed for the regular Zumba class, taught my a different instructor. Great class as usual!

I’m on the fence about going on Wednesday or not, but I will be going Friday and Saturday this week for sure. I might start throwing Sunday nights into the mix too, but that will require planning on my part.

My week is shaping up like this…

  • M – Zumba Toning and Zumba, worked in the garden, hitting the wall….
  • T – Work Weight Watchers, Aldi’s shopping after
  • W – Zumba? (not sure), Work Weight Watchers
  • T – Walk the levee in the afternoon, pickup L from Art Club, Work Weight Watchers
  • F – Zumba
  • S – Zumba, kids with grandparents? if so, hanging out with hubby!
  • S – Zumba? hhhmm….
  • M – Return to work!!!
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Good afternoon!

Busy busy day already! Let’s see….I slept until 5:30am and got in my elliptical and Week 4 with Jillian. My abs are still sore and she was engaging the core this morning! The scale is back to 148.6#, awesome-sauce! I’d love to get to my goal of 145#, we’ll see how it goes.

I went to Zumba this morning. One of my favorite teachers and a great playlist! A wonderful way to start a Saturday morning. I came home to find the family gone and shortly after I got changed hubby called to say there were in town at the library and did I just want to come back in? I did! We hung out in the library for a bit, got a bunch of books and headed home for lunch. It seems that C did NOT eat breakfast this morning and was pretty hungry. Go figure. πŸ™‚

After lunch I started prepping for supper. I’m making a new recipe, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup. I’ll post about it if it ends up tasting good. πŸ˜› I had to cut up 8 oz. of sweet potatoes and 3 POUNDS of butternut squash. That takes a while since it’s hard to peel a squash! I also had to roast a whole head of garlic. I’ve never done that before, but I’ve watched Racheal Ray do it, so I know I can do it too!

Finally, it’s after 1:30pm and I’m getting online. I have a few blogs to check out and then I’m going to read a book and relax.

Enjoy your day!

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