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Vent it out!

on October 3, 2012

Good morning! Yesterday at work I was able to vent with my co-worker about my awful eating habits! Then during last night’s meeting it seemed it was a common theme. People were complaining about falling of track, not counting points, eating out of comfort, etc. Been there, done that, don’t like it. šŸ˜›

This morning I took a day-of-rest again. That means I meet back up with Jillian and Week 4 tomorrow morning. That workout left my pectorals screaming, they are still sore this morning. Who knew a few ‘flys’ would hurt so bad? The scale has meĀ WAY up from last week, like 3# up, 151.8#. That means I’ll have a major gain at weigh-in today. Fine. I struggle. The members struggle. It’s a constant battle that I don’t always win. The important part is I never give up on myself. So far today I feel resolve to not dive head first into a bag of almonds or cereal.

I read a book yesterday by a children’s author, Jerry Spinelli. It was calledĀ Star Girl. Great book, I finished it in just over an hour and his message was good. Basically, be who you are, don’t follow the herd, enjoy your uniqueness. A wonderful message for the children that the book is aimed towards. I only hope most children can understand the message.

I’ve started another children’s book called Turtle in Paradise. I love this book. I think I’m enjoying the simple plot lines of juvenile books. It’s a nice break from 300+ page books with numerous characters.

I work the noon meeting for Weight Watchers today. Either before or after that I have a few things to get at Walmart and I have to do a drug test at the hospital. Apparently in the 5 years since I’ve worked for the newspaper we now have to take a drug test. Thank goodness these tests don’t scare me! LOL It’s more of an inconvenient ‘bathroom’ break more than anything.

That’s all I have going on today, other than a boatload of laundry. L came out of her bedroom this morning saying she had ZERO clean pants! ug…how can that be?

I’ll leave you with some photos from the weekend.



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