Cleaning up!

Good morning! So after yesterday’s reality check on the scale, I kept my eating in check yesterday. The scale was 151# this morning and I got in my workout with the elliptical and Jillian. My other workout this morning was cleaning up the toy room! That place is such a dumping ground for ‘things’. I got rid of a couple of bags of garbage (small ones) and recycled a bunch of papers. I can see the floor and in my mind it makes me feel a lot better.

I also vacuumed the house, spot cleaned some spots on the carpets and put away miscellaneous things that were laying around. All I have left is to vacuum the back porch.

Today I need to hit up the farmer’s market and the library before the kids get off the bus. Tonight we have parent-teacher conferences. I’m sure there is nothing bad to hear, but I’m curious how the teacher’s feel the girls are doing so far. Of course the girls want to hit up the book fair. I suggested they get out their money! LOL

That’s it from me. Enjoy your day!