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I’m seeing a trend here…

on October 5, 2012

Cat on my lap again today. Poor kitty, only one more week of having me home every day. 😦 I start work on October 15th, 7:45am! I’m excited and hope to be busy enough for the day to go by quickly. I remember when I left 5 years ago it was very slow and the days were long because of that.

Last night we had parent teacher conferences. We were happy to learn that C is doing great! She’s above and beyond in both reading and math which is excellent! She’ll also be working with 5 other students and the gifted and talented teacher on some enrichment activities. Good for her!

L is also doing well. However, her homeroom teacher doesn’t actually teach her much. LOL She goes to 5th grade for math and that’s what L’s teacher teaches. Anyway, Ms. Kuntz is happy with her participation and how she acts with her friends when she is in her classroom. We got a note from her reading teacher saying she wishes she had 23 other students like L! When we were done with conferences we went to check out the book fair. We had the girls pay for their own things so there was a lot of decision making going on. They only had so much money and couldn’t get everything they’d like. They did well with what they had and were both happy with their purchases. As we were leaving we walked by the 5th grade teacher’s room to see if she had any time open to talk about L’s progress since we don’t hear much about math. It just worked out that she was finishing her last conference and was more than happy to talk with us. She said L is doing great! They have 95 minutes of math each day which is why she doesn’t bring home homework. The only ‘requirement’ is an hour a week on a math website that the teacher can monitor. Easy.

Last night was a bit hectic with getting home late and the girls still had to shower and do homework. Overall it went well and since there is only a 1/2 day today I’m sure they’ll manage even though they are a bit tired. After school they have two friends coming over until 3pm. These two girls haven’t been here in ages and they are all excited about it!

On to my workout. Amelia (the crazy cat) woke me up around 4am my meowing at our door. I ignored her for a bit and then got up. I didn’t feed her immediately, as a punishment for waking me up early, instead I brushed my teeth and put my hair up for the treadmill. After that she got fed! That cat wolfs down her food in the morning.

My workout was 30 minutes on the treadmill and then a 15 minute ab DVD. My abs were sore and I know I’ll feel it tomorrow. I also have Zumba this morning at 9:30am. Only one more Friday of Zumba before I return to work. Boo to that. Oh, I got another part of my birthday present yesterday. My friend Tami delivered a pink Zumba top to me when she picked up her kiddos. It’s cute, it fits and now I just need to wash it before I wear it to class soon.

So, it’s no mystery that I was struggling with my eating for a few days. Thankfully yesterday was a good day, no food binges! Woo hoo! The scale is also back down to 149.6#! I’m happy to see the 140’s again. When will I learn my lesson? 😛

My weekend plans only include Zumba on Saturday. It’s supposed to be quite chilly and I don’t like the cold!

That’s it from me. Enjoy your day!


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