Good afternoon!

Busy busy day already! Let’s see….I slept until 5:30am and got in my elliptical and Week 4 with Jillian. My abs are still sore and she was engaging the core this morning! The scale is back to 148.6#, awesome-sauce! I’d love to get to my goal of 145#, we’ll see how it goes.

I went to Zumba this morning. One of my favorite teachers and a great playlist! A wonderful way to start a Saturday morning. I came home to find the family gone and shortly after I got changed hubby called to say there were in town at the library and did I just want to come back in? I did! We hung out in the library for a bit, got a bunch of books and headed home for lunch. It seems that C did NOT eat breakfast this morning and was pretty hungry. Go figure. 🙂

After lunch I started prepping for supper. I’m making a new recipe, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup. I’ll post about it if it ends up tasting good. 😛 I had to cut up 8 oz. of sweet potatoes and 3 POUNDS of butternut squash. That takes a while since it’s hard to peel a squash! I also had to roast a whole head of garlic. I’ve never done that before, but I’ve watched Racheal Ray do it, so I know I can do it too!

Finally, it’s after 1:30pm and I’m getting online. I have a few blogs to check out and then I’m going to read a book and relax.

Enjoy your day!