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It seems like I don’t blog much anymore and frankly, I’m fine with that! 🙂

Let’s see. Thanksgiving was good. I did not overeat, until later that evening at home. Blerg….

The birthday party on Saturday was great! I did not overeat, until later that evening at home….do you see a pattern here?

Truthfully, I’m not beating myself up over it. I’m very proud of the fact that I kept it together at parties that had some temptation for me, so that’s a bonus. My downfall at home has been roasted almonds and cereal. Always a problem for me and I question why I have it in the house. The kids could care less about almonds and I bought them to make almond butter, which I haven’t done, but should do today.

Cereal is another story, it’s a necessity for the kids and breakfast. I just have to convince myself I don’t need it. I try, sometimes I success other times not.

What else? Oh, I tried out a new DVD this morning. It’s from my WW member kit and it’s essentially a sampler of our 5 DVD set we sell at meetings. I did the 34 minute workout. I have a feeling my legs will be sore tomorrow since it’s about 2-3 minutes of repeated moves of lunges, squats, side lunges etc. There is also a 15 min. express workout that I haven’t done yet and a 10 min. beginner workout. I’m going to give them all a shot so I can help promote the product at work.

Oh, this morning we (as in the whole family) did a 2 1/2 hour overhaul of the girls’ bedrooms. They now each have their own room. We had to move the bookshelf out of L’s room and into C’s room. Then we purged a ton of things and the girls got to reorganize their spaces. L now has a closet rod in her closet for her clothes and some bins for her pjs. C’s closet doors are back on and she actually has a ton of floor space now. I helped clean up her headboard and desktop, but refused to look inside the drawers! LOL Hubby is gone now making a recycle run and getting some parts for the van.

Oh yeah, he’s officially unemployed as of last Wednesday. That means he’s going to fix the van today and/or tomorrow. He’s going to be working on a few household projects since he’s off work.

Anything else? Well, I have to make bread today for lunches, make up some jello for snacking, laundry and cook rice for the cat. We now feed her (in addition to her dry food and water) boiled chicken breast and rice once a day. It has cleared up her bathroom issues and for that I am grateful. It was nasty! I also make get remotivated to clean up my closet a bit, but who knows about that. 😛

My upcoming week looks like this (I think)…

  • Monday – workout at home, work my job
  • Tuesday – workout at home, work my job
  • Wednesday – Zumba Toning, work Weight Watchers, Zumba at 4:15
  • Thursday – workout at home, work my job
  • Friday – workout at home (or day of rest), work my job
  • Saturday – workout at home, Zumba at 8:30am, who knows the rest of the day right now.

I related bad news, hubby’s dad now has lymphoma. Seriously? Can we go one year without cancer? So, on Tuesday he’s going down to Madison with his dad for some bone marrow draws. Sounds nasty.

I’ll end with some photos. Enjoy your day. It’s only 11:20 am, but I feel like I have a full day in already! LOL

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It’s my day-off! LOL

Good morning. Quick post since I have to get moving!

Let’s see…my weight was 148# this morning, the lowest I’ve been since Sept. 2011! Sweet! A great motivator going into Thanksgiving tomorrow. I started working out with Jillian again. My quads, glutes and shoulders are thanking me! LOL

I have Zumba Toning this morning, shopping at Walgreens & then Walmart, before I head to work at Weight Watchers. Then it’s a short break at home for lunch and to pack my supper. I leave for my Zumba class at 4:15 and then literally run off to my second Weight Watchers meeting of the day. We moved the Thursday night to tonight due to Thanksgiving. I know how important it is to get in a meeting before a holiday. After work it’s home to rest up for tomorrow.

Thursday morning my friend Tami is teaching a Zumba class! Woot! Woot! I’m going with to get my groove on before the turkey feast. My plan for Thursday? Well, I’m not bringing any food per my inlaw’s request. She wants to do it all. I know that means turkey and potatoes at minimum. I’m going to be mindful and enjoy dessert if it’s something I like. I’m hoping to get in a walk afterwards since it’s going to be around 60 degrees, too nice to stay inside.

Friday I work, although there isn’t much work to do.

Saturday we leave for a birthday party in Milwaukee. It’s my best friend’s son’s birthday, he turns 2. I look forward to seeing them all that day.

That’s it from me. Life is good, I’m happy!


My back is doing better!

Good morning! I got into the chiropractor Friday after work and I was so grateful! My back was hurting since Wednesday noon and I did not want to suffer the entire weekend. It’s still tender, but so much better.

Yesterday I got in a trip to Aldi to stock up on some items. We also went to the library, Goodwill and Walmart yesterday afternoon. Last night the kids watched a movie and I hung out online and looked at some books from the library.

The scale is still at 149.2#, awesome going into Thanksgiving week. I called my husband’s aunt this morning to find out what to bring and she said nothing. This year she has the week off and wants to take care of it all! Great for me since I’m working now and was wondering when I’d have time to fit extra cooking in.

So, my upcoming week looks like this…

  • Monday – Exercise with Jillian, work
  • Tuesday – Cardio at home, work
  • Wednesday – Exercise with Jillian, Zumba Toning at 8:30am, work Weight Watchers at 11am, home for a bit, Zumba at 4:15pm and then rush off to work Weight Watchers again. Thankfully I can leave everything set up between meetings and it won’t matter that I’m getting there late since Brandy said she can handle it until I get there!
  • Thursday – ZUMBA with Tami! I know, Zumba on Thanksgiving?!? Awesome! Get home and clean up to go to inlaws for lunch, try hard to not eat like a pig! LOL
  • Friday – Exercise with Jillian and go to work. It will only be me and one other co-worker in the office that day so it should be productive without sales there.
  • Saturday – Exercise at home (no Zumba) and then head to Milwaukee for a birthday party.
  • Sunday – REST UP and prepare for the week ahead!
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Truckin’ along…

Good afternoon. I got to go to Zumba this morning! Woot! Woot! I’m also leaving for my 2nd class shortly. Thankfully the girls are staying after school with C’s teacher and will meet me at class. That way they don’t have to forever be on the bus or in the van going back and forth.

So, let me be honest. Things aren’t going spectacularly. My eating is ‘eh’ at best. That changes NOW! I’m nipping it in the bud before it gets all kinds of crazy!

Work keeps me busy and I’m using my nighttime to unwind and eat. Not good. It’s time for some alternative to eating, reading maybe? Playing a game with the kids? Walking on the treadmill? Although not tonight since I’ll be wiped after Zumba! LOL

In other news, C got an award at school this week. I’m super proud of her!


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Good morning! Long time no post. I’m alive I promise. I just have many more things to do other than blog about my life.

Let’s see….I’m still exercising, still eating well and working at my job(s). My weight is still at 149.4# this morning which is fantastic. I’ll be attending a 2 hour Zumbathon this afternoon to raise money for Alzheimer’s. It should be a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Music and friends!

Last night we went to my inlaws for supper. I’m proud to say I didn’t overdo it and I did not have dessert. Nice.

My upcoming week is pretty lackluster….

  • Monday, exercise at home, work
  • Tuesday, exercise at home, attend a school function in the AM, work
  • Wednesday, Zumba toning in the AM, work Weight Watchers, Zumba at 4:15pm
  • Thursday, exercise at home, work, pick up L from Art Club?, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday, exercise at home, work – Early release day for the kids, Sock Hop at night
  • Saturday, Zumba in the AM, Madison?
  • Sunday, Madison? if not on Saturday, watch my friends kiddos for a bit

Nothing too out of the ordinary for me. I should also figure out what I’m taking to Thanksgiving. I’m not sure there is any new recipe I want to try out. I need to email my relatives to see what they are bringing.

Okay, that’s it from me. Enjoy your day!

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It’s Over!

I’m happy the elections are over. I almost unfriended some people on Facebook because of it. I’m a Democrat. I voted for Obama and I’m glad he won.

Now on to other things! LOL Things are still going well at my job. I’m enjoying it, it goes quickly and I feel productive. My exercise has obviously slowed down since working, but the scale still said 149.8# this morning so I’ll take it.

I did not exercise this morning, nor am I going to Zumba Toning. Instead I’m running errands before I have to work at Weight Watchers. Cheryl won’t be there today since she has a funeral to attend, so it’ll be a bit busier for me at work today. After work I’m heading home to do a few more things around the house before the girls get off the bus and we drive back into town for Zumba. I’m excited to sign up for a 6 week session at the school on Wednesdays at 4:15! It will get me my Zumba fix during the mid-week. I also have Zumba on Saturday and a Zumbathon on Sunday afternoon. That should hold me for a bit! LOL

Tomorrow it’s back to work and then I work the night meeting for Weight Watchers again. We’ll see if attendance is high enough for me to work next week again. It’s always soooo close.

I have no other news to share. I’m doing well, just busy. I’ve had it too easy the past 5 years! LOL

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Enjoying the sunshine!

Good afternoon! Did you remember to fall back last night? I did and I was awake way to early because of it!

Let’s see…..what’s happening with me? The girls are at a friend’s house until 2pm. I went for a wonderful walk around the neighborhood to soak up some Vitamin D. I have the laundry going now and plan on making a nice supper tonight. Basically the weekend is the only time I have to put any ‘effort’ into our dinners. I feel like now that I’m working it’s hard to come home and prepare something that takes too long. So things have been pretty simple around here and no one is complaining. It’s just an adjustment for me.

I’ve now signed up for a Zumba class on Wed. from 4:15-5:15, which means supper will be EVEN later on the only night I don’t work during the week! LOL I HAVE to take this session for a couple of reasons. #1. I am missing my Zumba classes. #2. This will force me to keep my eating in check on Wednesday afternoons. I can’t go to Zumba on a binge-baby-belly! 😛 #3. The added bonus is the kids think it’s great! They like the school it’s at and think it will be fun to see some teachers doing Zumba. It’s the simple things for them.

So, my upcoming week looks like this….

  • M – exercise at home, work by 7:30am (I hope), walk at lunch for about 10 min, home by 4:30ish
  • T – repeat of Monday
  • W – exercise at home (maybe), Zumba Toning at 8:30am, work Weight Watchers 11am-1:30pm, home for a bit, Zumba at 4:15, home by 5:30, dinner by 6pm, bed by 6:01! LOL
  • Th – exercise at home, work, walk, work Weight Watchers at 4:30ish, possibly pick up L from Art Club
  • F – repeat of Monday

My goal is to get to work by 7:30am, which will allow me to either A. leave work at 4pm OR B. take a 45 minute lunch break which will allow for a quick walk.

In weight related news, last year at this time my weight got out of control. I was over goal, had to pay each week at Weight Watchers and just generally unhappy about myself and the choices I was making. I’m happy to see that this November will be MUCH different. Working, working out, Zumba and a different mindeset are helping me out this time around.

Enjoy your day!

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Good morning, I’m posting quick from work, don’t tell!

149.4# this morning, 50 minutes on the treadmill and I’m feeling pretty good.

Zumba on Saturday! Woot! Woot!

Enjoy your Friday!

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It’s November!

Happy November!

Today is back on track day after being a bit derailed by halloween goodies. 😛

151.2# on the home scale. No morning exercise for me.

Goals for the month: eat healthy! track food! exercise! enjoy life! rest when necessary!

I’m off to work.

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