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My back is doing better!

on November 18, 2012

Good morning! I got into the chiropractor Friday after work and I was so grateful! My back was hurting since Wednesday noon and I did not want to suffer the entire weekend. It’s still tender, but so much better.

Yesterday I got in a trip to Aldi to stock up on some items. We also went to the library, Goodwill and Walmart yesterday afternoon. Last night the kids watched a movie and I hung out online and looked at some books from the library.

The scale is still at 149.2#, awesome going into Thanksgiving week. I called my husband’s aunt this morning to find out what to bring and she said nothing. This year she has the week off and wants to take care of it all! Great for me since I’m working now and was wondering when I’d have time to fit extra cooking in.

So, my upcoming week looks like this…

  • Monday – Exercise with Jillian, work
  • Tuesday – Cardio at home, work
  • Wednesday – Exercise with Jillian, Zumba Toning at 8:30am, work Weight Watchers at 11am, home for a bit, Zumba at 4:15pm and then rush off to work Weight Watchers again. Thankfully I can leave everything set up between meetings and it won’t matter that I’m getting there late since Brandy said she can handle it until I get there!
  • Thursday – ZUMBA with Tami! I know, Zumba on Thanksgiving?!? Awesome! Get home and clean up to go to inlaws for lunch, try hard to not eat like a pig! LOL
  • Friday – Exercise with Jillian and go to work. It will only be me and one other co-worker in the office that day so it should be productive without sales there.
  • Saturday – Exercise at home (no Zumba) and then head to Milwaukee for a birthday party.
  • Sunday – REST UP and prepare for the week ahead!

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