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It’s my day-off! LOL

on November 21, 2012

Good morning. Quick post since I have to get moving!

Let’s see…my weight was 148# this morning, the lowest I’ve been since Sept. 2011! Sweet! A great motivator going into Thanksgiving tomorrow. I started working out with Jillian again. My quads, glutes and shoulders are thanking me! LOL

I have Zumba Toning this morning, shopping at Walgreens & then Walmart, before I head to work at Weight Watchers. Then it’s a short break at home for lunch and to pack my supper. I leave for my Zumba class at 4:15 and then literally run off to my second Weight Watchers meeting of the day. We moved the Thursday night to tonight due to Thanksgiving. I know how important it is to get in a meeting before a holiday. After work it’s home to rest up for tomorrow.

Thursday morning my friend Tami is teaching a Zumba class! Woot! Woot! I’m going with to get my groove on before the turkey feast. My plan for Thursday? Well, I’m not bringing any food per my inlaw’s request. She wants to do it all. I know that means turkey and potatoes at minimum. I’m going to be mindful and enjoy dessert if it’s something I like. I’m hoping to get in a walk afterwards since it’s going to be around 60 degrees, too nice to stay inside.

Friday I work, although there isn’t much work to do.

Saturday we leave for a birthday party in Milwaukee. It’s my best friend’s son’s birthday, he turns 2. I look forward to seeing them all that day.

That’s it from me. Life is good, I’m happy!


2 responses to “It’s my day-off! LOL

  1. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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