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Zumba Party!

on December 8, 2012

Good evening! I’m still around, I promise. 🙂

Let’s see….I’ve been exercising, eating well, working and going to Zumba when I can. This afternoon was the Zumba Holiday Party and it was a fun time. It’s always fun to get a variety of instructors in one class and win a t-shirt to boot!

On the weight-loss front…I’m weighing in each Wednesday of this month at Weight Watchers. I need to really watch myself during the month of December. It seems that less sunlight coupled with more food leads me to gain weight and feel sad. Today is the 8th of the month and I’m feeling pretty darn good. The scale said 148.6# this morning which keeps me motivated to curb my night time snacking.

On the job front….I have two weeks left of 32 hours a week and then after that will be an ‘as-needed’ basis. I’m hoping to work that out with Dusty on Monday. Hubby has a guaranteed 6 week job starting on Monday. He’ll be doing masonry work like he has for years and it’s an hour away from home. Not much worse that when he was working in Madison and we’ll take another 6 weeks of paychecks.  After that he could be asked to work somewhere else for this same company, but who knows. Once my time is up January 18 I’ll be looking around for some more permanent work. Doing what? Dunno…

Tomorrow I invited my inlaws over for lunch. They are both vegetarians now, so I had to call to see what they would eat. We are having a meatless version of the Italian Vegetable Beef Soup I made the other night. Awesome recipe and hearty too. More like a stew than soup really. I’m also making homemade bread and a side salad to go along with it. For dessert we’ll have fresh pineapple and grapes. It should be good. 🙂 They always have us over to their house for lunch get-togethers so I thought it was our turn to host.

Here’s my upcoming week…..

  • Sunday – exercise at home, lunch with inlaws, prepare for the week, bake some cookies
  • Monday – exericse at home, work, get kids from Tami’s house
  • Tuesday – repeat of Monday
  • Wednesday – exercise at home?, Zumba at 9am, work Weight Watchers, Zumba at 4:15pm, home for supper
  • Thursday – exercise at home, work, pickup L from Art Club, work Weight Watchers, out for dinner for my work party
  • Friday – rest, work, pickup kids from Tami’s
  • Saturday – Zumba, kids go to friend’s house overnight, hubby and I shop and do our thang!

That’s all I know…take care!


One response to “Zumba Party!

  1. Libby says:

    Have a great weekend! Your vegt. dinner sounds AMAZING!!

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