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I’m NOT pregnant!

on January 16, 2013

Thankfully! LOL Let me explain. I called my doctor yesterday to figure out what to do about my missing period. I went off BC last March and have yet to get a period. I’m not anorexic or an extreme athlete by any means. So what gives? I had blood work done last fall and my hormone levels were fine. So, the nurse called back to say I’d need to take a pregnancy test before I begin 10 days of pills to jump start my cycle. I can’t remember the name, progesterone or something, I have to get them this morning. After the 10 days I need to wait 6 weeks and then I have an appointment to see my physician. From there, who knows? They also informed me that she’s reduced her office hours from 4 days a week to 3. Strange.

Hubby also went to the Dr. yesterday. After his vasectomy he had some issues going on. Thankfully they aren’t serious and will resolve itself on it’s own.

So yesterday L stayed home with a cold. Then about 2pm she decided she wanted to bake something. Well, me lacking willpower we never have chocolate chips in the house or anything ‘cookieish’ around. She got out recipe books and found peanut butter cookies. We had all the ingredients for those so she got to work. I must say I am soooo proud of her. She did it all on her own. All I did was get the huge mixer out and wash the dishes. She measured, mixed, scooped, rolled and baked them all by herself! She was so proud too. She wanted to surprise the family after dinner with dessert. She put them on a plate and presented us with her masterpieces. Everyone else was impressed and we worked out a way to share them with others. She’s taking some to school to share with C, C’s teacher, Katelyn and L for their after school snack. I asked her if I could take 2 to my coworkers at WW and the rest got packed up into the freezer. I explained that that is how I have cookies on hand for lunches, out of sight in the basement freezer means they last a lot longer. LOL

Last night was taco Tuesday. I wanted to try making homemade taco bowls. I Googled it and found a simple way to do it. Warm up the tortilla, put it over a mason jar in a 350 degree oven until crispy and then let cool.

taco bowls

Fill it with a bunch of veggie & bean goodness and enjoy! My family thought it was pretty neat too.

my dinner

Yesterday afternoon I was pretty bored so I hopped on the treadmill for an easy stroll while I watched some television. It was a great way to get in some more activity. After supper C and I headed to Walmart to get her some jeans, oh and of course a new shirt! It was $2 on clearance so I sprung for it! LOL This morning I had to hem up one pair of the jeans. C’s problem is she’s short, therefore to get pants that fit around her waist they are entirely too long on her. I cut off about 3″ and hemmed them up for her. She looked pretty happy this morning.

On to today. I was NOT going to workout this morning. However, my bladder woke me up and I had to take that pregnancy test, so I hauled my booty out of bed and got to exercising. 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and then Level 4 of Jillian’s workout. It was tough, I admit I did some ‘easier’ cardio moves when she did some that were just too tough for me. I have a Zumba class this afternoon at 4:15 that I am looking forward to! Oh, the scale this morning was 149.2#! Sweet.

I have a few errands to do this morning before I work my Weight Watchers meeting. I need to pick up the pills and stop at the Dollar Tree for some socks for L. She has some nice beige jeans and beige dress shoes, but no socks that go with it! Heaven forbid they don’t match! So, hubby suggested checking out the Dollar Tree.

After WW it’s home to eat lunch and pack up for Zumba. I have to bring things along for the girls to do while I’m grooving! Supper is flavored chicken brats and whatever else I figure out. I’m thinking a jumbo salad for me! 🙂

Enjoy your day!


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