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I’m melting!

on January 19, 2013

Rather, the melty beads are melting. We’re trying something new around here. We saw online where you spray a pyrex bowl with cooking spray and layer in some melty beads, pop them in the oven for a bit until they melt together and presto! You have your own bead bowl. I’ll take some ‘after’ pics later since they are in the oven now and I forgot all about photographing it!

This morning I slept until 5:40am and then hit up the treadmill for a little run. I did some ab work too. The scale said 148.6# and I almost can’t believe I’m seeing an 8 for two days in a row! After a hearty breakfast I headed out to my Saturday morning Zumba class! It was a good class and I got sweaty again which is always a sign of a good workout! 🙂

Yesterday I was watching America’s Test Kitchen and they had a recipe for St. Louis style pizza. It’s a cracker thin crust pizza with a semi-homemade sauce. I’m going to replicate the crust and maybe the sauce, but instead of all the cheese they used we’ll go the veggie route with minimal cheese. I do have to buy some parchment paper to move the pizza from the tray to the stone though since they recommend preheating a pizza stone and then sliding the prepared pizza on to that to bake. I’ll report back on that recipe when I make it.

Otherwise, our day is pretty low key. L has a book in at the library that she needs to read before Friday so we’ll be picking that up after lunch. It’s 320 pages so she’s got to get crackin’!

Enjoy your day!


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