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I walk like I’m gliding on water!

on January 26, 2013

Good morning all! Yesterday was my last day at work. Bittersweet. While I was on my lunch break a lady from another department starting to talk to me. She had overheard me talking about working for Weight Watchers. She said she was surprised I was a member since she doesn’t remember me ever having a weight problem. Sweet, but so not true! LOL I told her I lost 35 pounds and became a lifetime member. She then talked about some friends and family members that are having success on the program. She also paid me a compliment by saying that I have such lovely posture and that when I walk through the building I look like I’m gliding on water. I thanked her and chuckled a bit. I think I’m just trying to look taller! LOL

My workout this morning was 30 minutes on the elliptical and I have an hour Zumba class coming up. After that it’s a couple of errands and then we are heading to Madison for the afternoon.

The scale at home was 148.2#, that’s 15 days in a row under 150! Throughout my weight loss I’ve had that OH SH!T number on the scale. It used to be 160, then down to 155, recently it’s been around 152. Officially I’ve lowered it to 150#. My current goal is to get to 145#, that’s only 3.2# away! I hope to keep chipping away at it each week at weigh-in.

Not much else to update on my end. No job prospects for hubby or myself, so we’ll just keep on keepin’ on!

Enjoy your day!


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