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Busy day of rest!

on January 29, 2013

Good afternoon! Well, let’s see. I took the morning off from exercise. I just felt like it. 😛 The scale was 149.2#, but I feel puffy, what gives?

This morning I applied for a job with the USPS. It’s in a nearby town. I completed the online assessment and I’m taking a test in Madison on Thursday afternoon. If I get over 80% combined between the two tests I’ll pass. I’m assuming after that they’ll decide who to interview for the position. I’m hopeful regardless.

Hubby is currently at a job interview in Madison. It’s for a masonry company and I’m hoping he comes home with good news. While it’s nice to have idle time in life, it also doesn’t make ANY money! 😛 I’m hoping we BOTH have jobs soon.

This morning we also ran a few errands together. We dropped off a lot of things at Goodwill and found some awesome deals on chicken! Now I just need to repackage the chicken into smaller portions and get it in the freezer, but that can wait a bit!

I’m trying a new recipe for homemade bread. This one used my food processor to combine the dough. It’s rising now and I’m thinking it’ll be a success.

My lunch today was a BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza with Smoked String Cheese. Delicious! Here’s a pic to drool over.

BBQ Chicken Pizza



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