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It’s snowing, some more, again… :)

on February 4, 2013

Good morning! Compared to last winter we are getting a lot of snow this year. I’m not complaining really. I think it looks so pretty, but I much prefer summer, vegetable gardening and flowers!

The weekend is over, the kids are off to school and I’m checking up on blogs before I head out to Zumba at 9am. Yesterday I took a day-of-rest and this morning I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and Level 4 with Jillian! The scale said 148.6#! I’m hoping for a good weigh-in on Wednesday. I have to weigh-in for the month for work before the 15th, so I have this week and next to submit my weight.

My upcoming week is pretty tame…

  • Monday – Zumba, work WW in the Dells
  • Tuesday – open
  • Wednesday – work WW in Portage, Zumba in the afternoon
  • Thursday – work WW in Portage
  • Friday – Zumba
  • Saturday – Zumbathon fundraiser 10am-11:30am, Garden Expo in Madison, view C’s artwork at Hilldale Mall, dinner out with the family somewhere in Madison
  • Sunday – REST!? LOL

Maybe I’ll throw in some job hunting while I’m at it! Slim pickin’s out there right now.

No other news, enjoy your day!


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