My life as a woman, wife and mother.


on February 6, 2013

Good Wednesday morning! At least my day today will be a bit busier than yesterday. 🙂

My morning workout got started a little late. I decided on the treadmill this morning. I got in a total of 45 minutes, in 3-15 minute increments. In between I did some ab work. Surprisingly my obliques are a tad sore from yesterday morning. Apparently the work I was doing had done some good. LOL The scale has me up to 149#, so I’m anticipating a gain at weigh-in today. I’m fine with it. I’ll take either today’s weight or next week’s for my monthly weigh-in for work. I have Zumba this afternoon at 4:15pm and then I’m coming home to eat supper. Nothing planned, hubby will feed the kiddos leftover Beef Stew and I think I’ll go for a veggie burger and swiss cheese. I haven’t had that in ages.

I’m excited about this months topic at Weight Watchers. It’s activity. As you know by reading my blog I’m all about activity! That also means I get to wear workout clothes! Sweet, I hate dressing up, or as much as I dress up for work anyway. 😛

Before the meeting today I have to stop in at Walgreens and Pierce’s for some items that are on sale. After the meeting I’ll stop in at Walmart for a few more items. Then it will be home for a quick & late lunch before I go to Zumba. I don’t like to go to Zumba on a ‘full’ tummy so I’ll have to make sure I keep lunch under control.

Today L is giving a presentation at school about a reading program she is involved in. The Open House is from 11-1:30pm, of course during the time I work. We asked her if she wants dad to come and she’s said NO several times. He doesn’t think he’ll go since she’s set on him NOT coming. She dressed up this morning and did her hair very nicely. She looked so grown up.

That’s it for me, enjoy your day!


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