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Our artist!

on February 10, 2013

carly with art

This is C’s second year in a row that she’s had artwork featured at the Hilldale Mall. She was pretty excited and we were all really impressed with her art. Her sister even went on to say she didn’t know which one was hers since they were all so good! LOL A backhanded compliment, but nonetheless big sister was impressed.

Before we went to see the artwork we stopped at the Garden Expo. It was a nice time, but not what I expected. We did find some more organic seeds for sprouting which I’m excited to give a try. We also saw these really cool lights!


Dinner out was at Perkins. Let me just say I was extremely impressed with this place. It was on University Ave. and the owner/hostess was awesome as was our waitress. I’ve honestly never had such great treatment eating out. There was no comment card to fill out so I just told the hostess how impressed I was. She was wonderful. We rarely eat out since it can be very expensive, but this was a nice time.

Oh, how could I forget yesterday’s Zumbathon! It was a wonderful time, tons of people and a great workout! So far this week I’ve earned 56 APs! Today is a DOR so I’m assuming I won’t even get 1 AP. I think 56 is my record since I usually get in the 40’s. The scale this morning was 148.6# which is awesome after eating out yesterday. I did great, stayed on plan, counted points, but I know the sodium was more than my home cooking!

That’s it from me. I’m hoping the freezing rain isn’t too severe around here. Enjoy your day!


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