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on February 16, 2013

Good morning! I’ve been up since 4:15am! Ugg…I really wanted to sleep in since the past two nights I’ve been up a bit later than normal, so I’m lacking a bit of sleep. Instead of a workout, I took a hot bath and finished up reading my book. It turns out that was my only time of peace this morning because at 5:30am the girls were up! Yikes! We’ll see how today turns out. LOL

I’m taking a day of rest. It’s hard, I want to be active, I feel guilty for not being active, but I know I need rest too. I don’t think I’ve had a total day of sloth for over a week and a half or two weeks, so I’m due. My hamstrings are tight from yesterday’s hammer curls and my triceps are a tad sore. I worked them pretty hard yesterday morning. I did weigh myself however, 147.8#, 2.8# away from that massage! 🙂

Hubby is out buying some lumber now. We are going to loft L’s bed since her room is so small. He’s a handy man. He’s built dressers, captain’s beds, outdoor sheds, etc. so he’s totally capable. Plus he has every tool known to man! LOL Well, he’d say he doesn’t but it seems that way.

Today feels like Sunday to me, it’s probably because the girls got out of school at noon yesterday so it sorta seemed like Saturday afternoon to me. We don’t have much going on today. I’m sure once the loft is built I’ll be helping L organize her room a bit more, but that won’t be too bad since she cleaned up it this morning.

Sadly my co-workers uncle passed away. I think that’s the 3rd or 4th death in her family in the past year or so. It’s tough. That also means I’m working as the lone receptionist on Monday, Wednesday AND Thursday this week! Blerg…

Just for my own sake, here’s my upcoming week…

  • Monday – exercise at home, Zumba, hubby’s job interview, work Weight Watchers
  • Tuesday – exercise at home
  • Wednesday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers, Zumba
  • Thursday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – exercise at home, Zumba?, L has a birthday party sleepover and C has a friend sleeping over
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – Zumbathon in Baraboo! Woot! Then shopping at Aldi afterwards.

That’s it, enjoy the day!


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