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Feeling blech…

on February 20, 2013

So, I wasn’t going to post today. I’m just feeling like, ugg…it’s hard to explain. Part of it is that I slept in today and did not work out. That alone affects my mood. Anyone else? I know I’m going to Zumba this afternoon, but I still feel guilty. Sheesh…then the scale sais 149# up 1# from yesterday. I’m sure it’s my popcorn & salt from last night, but it’s still annoying. I know, I invest a lot into the scale, whatever.

This morning I thought about eating a bunch of junk and just going crazy. Yep, I have those thoughts. Anyway, instead of doing that I ate my oatmeal for breakfast and had one cappuccino. Then I was feeling the urge to splurge. So, I got out my food scale, measured out some chocolate cereal and a chocolate fiber bar and ate that with some water. That wasn’t quite ‘enough’ so I had a small oatmeal cookie from the weekend. As I savored it, instead of devoured it I told myself that’s it. So I flossed, brushed, stuck in some gum and am on here blogging about it. I’m happy to say I did NOT binge! It’s empowering to conquer that ‘inner demon’ telling me to do things that make me feel bad.

Enough of all that, I’m moving on. 🙂 I have to leave soon for working at Weight Watchers. I’m not weighing in today at work. I’m up at home from last week’s home weight, so I’m good with that. Next week is another time to weigh-in. Hopefully by then my mood will be better. 😛 I have to drop of our taxes so they can submit them online. Thankfully we get a refund this year. I also need to stop at the bank to get some change for my cash box. Working in the Dells on Monday wiped out all my change! Hubby is in Baraboo shopping for lumber, he’s going to redo his closet so it’s a more organized space. He’s also going to hit up Aldi so I don’t have to do it Sunday after the Zumbathon.

Here’s the rest of my week…(to organize my scattered brain)

  • Wednesday – work WW, Zumba!
  • Thursday – exercise at home, work WW at night
  • Friday – exercise at home, kids have sleepovers, Zumba!
  • Saturday – exercise at home
  • Sunday – exercise at home, Zumbathon in the afternoon

Toss in some job hunting in there too!


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