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Why do I have my windows open when it’s 28 degrees?

on February 22, 2013

Well, hubby is redoing his closet organization. The bad side is he’s staining the wood in the basement and well, the noxious fumes have made it through the entire house. So we have a window cracked open and the patio door. It’s been that way a few hours now and I’d say the stench is almost gone! The bonus is the cat is loving the fresh air and being able to hear the birds at the feeder.

I broke down last night and bought a new ActiveLink. My old one is gone, just gone. I checked in the parking lot at the bank and Walgreens. I called Walgreens, I looked at Walmarts lost & found and I looked at the church. No luck, it’s gone. My new one is currently charging and I have my name and phone number on it already! LOL Hopefully I won’t lose this one, but if I do I’m hoping someone would return it to me.

My exercise this morning was Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and then I did 2-10 minute segments on the elliptical. I may or may not walk this afternoon on the treadmill and I WILL go to Zumba at 3:45 as long as hubby is back in time for C and her friend to get off the bus. He has a blood donation at 1:30pm and it takes at least an hour, but he plans on going early to get the registration done. I have to leave here around 3:25pm if I hope to make it to class on time. I hate being late. Oh, I did brave the scale this morning again, 147.8#! Thankfully.

Last night at Weight Watchers we got in some new products. Strawberry oatmeal, Key Lime bars and a Mint Cookies n Creme Smoothie. I bought the smoothie to try out, it will be my afternoon/before Zumba snack. I’ll review it afterwards. I did not buy the bars yet since I have some Lemon Mousse ones at home still, so maybe next week I’ll give them a shot. The oatmeal will not be on my radar, I make my own oats at home and I’m good with that.

I’ll leave you with a bird picture. I’ve been trying to take photos for the last half hour, but the birds keep scattering. I’ve seen so many awesome birds today.



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