Doctor’s Appointment Time!

Good afternoon! It’s been a busy day for me today. I got up and did my workout at home. 15 min. on the elliptical, then a 15 min. ab DVD, then another 20 min. on the elliptical. I also got to go to Zumba this morning before my appointment. Weight was 148# and 151.6# at the doctor with clothes on.

Background on my doctor’s appointment. I went of the BC pill last March and have yet to have a period. It’s been almost a year. I called at the 9 month mark and was given Progesterone for 10 days, but still nothing. So, I went in today to talk to my doctor. My weight is fine, my blood pressure is great, etc. She believes that the main reason I don’t get a period has to do with fat. Body fat and food fat. Basically, my body liked being 185# and was willing to let me have a period. Now that I’m under 150# it doesn’t like it as much. She’d like me to incorporate my healthy fats into my diet. It’ll be hard, but I’ll work on it.

I had to give blood before I left to check my estrogen levels. The are low, but not menopausal low, so that’s good to know too. She doesn’t want me to gain weight at all and she thinks my exercise is good. She would like 30% of my calories to be from fat. I may log back on to Sparkspeople for a few days to see where I fall with that. I know I’m low, so I need to work on it.

I have to go in for an ultrasound on Thursday. I didn’t ask if it’s the ‘fun’ kind (vaginal) or the regular. All I know is I have to have a full bladder when they do it. Joy. Once that is done I’ll wait to hear from her about what to do. It may be that I have to go back on the BC pill to keep my hormones regulated. The main worry at this point is bone loss. I’m only 38 and it’s way to young to have low estrogen levels. That’s what I know at this point.

After the doctor I stopped at L’s school to pick up the 5th grade curriculum books. It’s a box-FULL that’s for sure. I hope L is excited about it! 😛

Nothing else to report. Enjoy the rest of your day!