63 grams!

I got in roughly 63 grams of fat yesterday! Woot! Now to try for that again today. ­čÖé

My morning workout was 40 minutes of running on the treadmill. I was going to do weighs today, but I felt cardio was more up my alley. I’m also going to Zumba this morning at 9am. I was going to go even though the teacher wasn’t my favorite, then I got an email that my friend Tami is teaching instead! Bonus! My instincts were right then, GO TO┬áZUMBA! ­čśŤ Home scale was 147# and I weigh in for the month at work today. I should come in under 150# which is what I was last month.

I didn’t mix up my breakfast this morning. I had chocolate peanut butter oats which surprisingly┬áhad almost 12 grams of fat in it. I did add in 1 t. of canola oil to up that number. Tomorrow I’m going to try a greek yogurt pancake recipe I found. I hope its good.

Yesterday was a snow day here. C played on her new Samsung Galaxy Tab2. I did have to put limitations on it since she would have stayed on all day! Hubby did find her a multiplication app to use. She also did regular math at home and read 3 chapters in her guided reading book. Later on in the afternoon the girls went outside with dad to play in the snow. I shoveled for 35 minutes so I felt I had enough snow time! LOL

L worked on some of her 5th grade curriculum yesterday. We’ve already gone through a short book on how a bill becomes a law and about plant power. We started one about weird science jobs. We are trying to go through them as a family and then we ask questions to each other after the chapters. L is also keeping a notebook with observations since she’ll be discussing them with her Learning Coach at school.

Early yesterday L and I went to Walmart shopping. We found a lot of great deals and for such a small amount of money it brought a lot of excitement to the girls. It also bought a few arguments about who gets to wear what, of course.

I work Weight Watchers today at noon and it’s just Sue and I again today. Cheryl isn’t coming in, I miss seeing her and hope to have her back next week. We are such a good crew that it’s nice when we are all together.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound. I hate the idea of a full bladder since I am notorious for going to the bathroom before I leave the house, but I’ll manage. I’m sure they’ll find out nothing is wrong (I hope anyway) and I just need to work on my diet. I think that when my doctor calls me about my results and what to do I’m going to see if I can give it a bit longer before I have to go back on a BC Pill.

That’s all I got. Enjoy your day!