My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I’m up, but not at ’em….

on March 10, 2013

Good morning. I’m tired. I’m old. I can NOT stay up until 11pm any more. Especially since I was awake at 4am, or rather 5am, due to the time change. Regardless, I got 5 hours of sleep and I’m feeling it. The rainy weather doesn’t help me a bit. 😛

Yesterday we headed to the Dells to my friend’s hotel room. All the kids got to swim and I soaked up the heat of the hot tub! I definitely wish I had one at my house, it would get a lot of use. I tried taking some photos of the kiddos, but mostly got action shots that didn’t turn out. Here’s some that did.

Lydia atlantis

Carly atlantis

After the kids were cleaned up and fed they headed home. My friends and I watched a bit of Pitch Perfect and then headed out to dinner. My food was fine and the restaurant was pretty neat inside, but we decided to head to Perkins for dessert. I think that was a great choice since it was much quieter there and we could talk for a couple of hours over dessert. It’s always nice to get to talk with everyone even if some ‘deep’ topics generally come up.

That leads me to today, did I work out? Nope, not yet, or not at all, I haven’t decided yet. I should go to Aldi today since are supposed to get MORE snow tonight and tomorrow. Nobody wants to go with me so I may venture out alone. I could/should walk a bit on the treadmill, but I have all day for that. I know that weights and hard core cardio are not in my sights today. The home scale was up to 148.4# this morning. No biggie! Oh, and I did estimate out my fat grams yesterday the best I could, I think 115 grams is plenty! LOL I’m pretty sure the 68 grams in the Peanut Butter Silk Pie took care of my recommended daily allowance. 😛

Enjoy your day. I may enjoy a nap during mine.


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