Maple Syrup

Good morning! Today L has a field trip to the MacKenzie Center to learn about maple syrup. I feel bad that it’s only 18 degrees out right now. I’m hoping she’ll stay warm enough for the 2 hours of her field trip.

Yesterday L had her first piano lesson. She enjoyed herself and Mary says she’ll progress pretty quickly since she has learned a lot about notes in music class. I say do whatever it takes to get her going. If we need to buy more books, so be it. I just want her to learn to play the piano.

After lunch yesterday I decided to head out for a mile walk. It was a tad breezy and cold, but I got my mile in and I felt pretty good about it. Even though it was only 20 minutes it was outside and NOT in my basement. That counts for something. 🙂

My workout this morning was No More Trouble Zones for 55 minutes and I’m going to Zumba at 9am today too. I figured that was my cardio for the day. Since I feel like I’m slacking on strength lately I wanted to get in a hard-core workout. I’m feeling it!

The scale is at 149.2# that’s up 2.2# from last Wednesday. Hmm…I’m still going to keep up my increased calories and fat and see what happens. Yesterday I got in over 60 grams. I’m feeling a bit fluffy in my midsection, I keep hoping for the premenstrual bloat. Sorta! LOL

Hubby has his job interview this morning. I’m hoping it goes well, but I won’t find out until I get home around 2pm today.

That’s all I know. Enjoy the sunshine today!