This girl is on fire!

Name that tune? Anyway, I’m not literally on fire, but my biceps, triceps, hamstrings and glutes are! Yowza, doing No More Trouble Zones yesterday along with Zumba Toning has left me very stiff this morning. I tried to work it out by running on the treadmill and then foam rolling this morning (even though Thursday is usually a day of rest). I think I need to keep up my stretching as the day goes on.

Yesterday, I got in just over 70 grams of fat and way too many extra calories. However, that seems to be my pattern on Wednesday so I’m just going with it. The home scale said 149# even. I’ll take it I guess, I just don’t EVER want to see 150 again, EVER!

At Weight Watchers yesterday it was just Sue and I again. Cheryl’s sister is in the hospital with breast cancer. Apparently her ‘herbal’ remedies aren’t working and she’s now doing very poorly. I feel awful for Cheryl. She’s lost her mother, father, uncle and tenants in the past year or so. I miss her at work and I hope things work out well for her and her family. We weren’t super busy yesterday which sort of suprised me. It was a sunny day and usually people will come out during nicer weather. I do work tonight too, so maybe some of those that weren’t there yesterday will show up tonight.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy this morning. I’m getting laundry done, I have bread rising now and I made homemade peanut butter. Beyond that I don’t have a lot to do. Tomorrow we meet with our insurance lady to discuss our rates. Hopefully we can get our premiums down a bit, but I’m not super positive about it.

Hubby’s interview went well. They said they’ll decide by early next week. The job was listed as a Jack-of-all-trades! He definitely fits that! They will decide soon because they are replacing TWO people that leave next week. We still have no idea what they pay, but the hours are 8am-4pm, with sometimes having to stay a tad past quitting time. They also said he’d have to come in on a Sunday evening to plow and snowblow if necessary. Not a huge deal since it’s literally 1 mile down the road.

Tonight hubby is taking the girls to Math & Science Night at school. It sounds like they have a lot of good things lined up for the kids to do and experiment with. It also solves the problem of hubby making supper since they’ll have walking tacos and Culver’s custard. Never turn down a free meal, right? 🙂

That’s it from me, enjoy your day!

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