Back to it!

Good morning! Yesterday was a day of rest and I did little to nothing physcial. We did go shopping a bit and found some new tennis shoes for L and a new shirt for C. I also made duck shaped cut out cookies for the baby shower on Saturday. I just need to attach the candy eyes I found at Walmart on Friday.

Today my workout was 10 minutes on the elliptical and then Level 1 of Ripped in 30 with Jillian. I’m also headed to Zumba at 9am. The scale said 149#, while I don’t like that number I don’t ‘feel’ like that number. Make sense? I feel like always, no bigger no smaller. 😛

I’m still doing well getting the fat into my diet and the extra calories. I also did a lot better about snacking last night. I did have an orange after supper, but nothing else. I did go to bed at 7pm to read though, that helped! LOL I don’t eat in bed. I eat in front of the TV and since nothing was on that I wanted to watch it was easy to not eat.

This coming week doesn’t have too much out of the ordinary. I am going to a Zumbathon on Friday though. I’m looking forward to that.

  • Monday – workout at home, Zumba, library
  • Tuesday – workout at home, piano lessons
  • Wednesday – workout at home, Zumba, work Weight Watchers
  • Thursday – workout at home?, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – workout at home, early release from school, Zumbathon in the evening
  • Saturday – workout at home, canned go movie in the am, Baby Shower at 1:30pm
  • Sunday – day of rest?

Oh, hubby and I are set to go away for our anniversary. I have to firm up the details with the babysitter, but she’s going to stay overnight with the kids. We are getting a hotel room and a massage and a nice dinner out. It’s our 15 year anniversary so we thought we’d spend a little extra time away and some extra money on it.

I also called hubby’s aunt yesterday to make sure she’s hosting Easter this year. We thought about heading to Minnesota, but decided against it. Since they live just 10 minutes away, it’s much easier to go there! 🙂

That’s all I have, enjoy your day!

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