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Sunshiney Thursday!

on March 28, 2013

Good morning! We’ve been keeping busy around here.

Monday we went to the Paint It! store so the girls could paint pottery.

Carly frog

Lydia pottery

Tuesday L went to the Children’s Museum with a friend and then they both went swimming with dad while I went to Zumba, AT NIGHT! It was a great class, but I’m not much of a night exerciser.

Wednesday I worked at Weight Watchers and we were home the entire day otherwise.

Today the girls are meeting up with some friends for an hour or so of swimming. I work tonight at Weight Watchers.

This morning we dyed Easter eggs.

close up eggs

girls with eggs 13

Friday the girls’ cousin is coming over to hang out. Hubby has a job interview in the morning. I’m hoping to go for a walk in the afternoon with a friend.

Let’s see, I’ve been working out. I did Workout 3 of the 90 Day Revolution this morning. Typically today is a day of rest, but after my eating disaster yesterday I decided to work out! Workout 3 is a tad more challenging, which I needed. So, back to my eating yesterday. Awful, plain and simple. The scale proves it by saying 150.2# this morning. I haven’t seen the 150’s since early in January. Temporary, but not good. Yeah, I know carbs make me retain water, but I’m still not happy about it. That being said. I’m on track for today and my mind is a bit better.

Even though I ate too much yesterday, we did manage to go for a walk after supper as a family. The girls rode their scooters and we did the mile loop around the neighborhood. The weather was just too nice to pass up. After supper (before the walk) the girls had an Easter egg hunt for us. Of course they contained M&Ms and jelly beans and of course I ate a bunch! LOL I love me some jelly beans!

Let me organize my mind a bit…

  • Thursday – girls swim at 1pm, hubby and I walk for the hour they swim, work at Weight Watchers
  • Friday – hubby has interview, niece over for a bit, walk in the afternoon with a friend
  • Saturday – Zumba, bowling in the Dells, pick up pottery, bake Carrot Cake muffins and jello salad for Easter
  • Sunday – day of rest or workout, Egg Hunt for the girls, Easter at inlaws house, hopefully walk in the evening if the weather cooperates
  • Monday – kids go back to school, Zumba, work Weight Watchers in the Dells

That’s it for me! Enjoy the sun!


I forgot to add about the doctor. I gave my blood on Monday, still no results, but maybe by tomorrow. Anyway, my Doctor emailed me back and said this…

Your FSH is normal. This means your ovaries are talking to your pituitary and hypothalmus.
There is enough estrogen for your sexual characteristics.
The gilbert’s syndrome has no relationship with this problem.
I don’t think it is ovarian failure because your FSH is low.
I want the endocrinologist to check things out.
I have two more test results pending. I will let you know when they are done.
Hope this helps.

Okay, so the nurse was incorrect to say Ovarian Failure. Good to know. It’s still a mystery though.


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