Happy Easter!

Good morning! I thought about exercise this morning, but since I have 8 days in a row under my belt I took the morning off. 🙂 The scale was back down to 147.4#, thank goodness! I need to weigh in on Wednesday and really want it at a good number. 😛

Yesterday we picked up the girls’ pottery. I think they all turned out great!

all pottery

tea cup frog

c's plate

l's bowl

After that we went bowling. We had a good time even though C started to lose hope. It was harder for her to get the ball where she wanted it to go, but I praised her for not giving up! After two games we were ready to head on home, but not before the girls got some ice cream. I’ll admit I did have 2 bites of C’s custard and it was delicious, or maybe the M&Ms were. 😛

Last night hubby took the girls swimming. L now has lovely patches of dry skin on her face from the chlorine. Their hair is also atrocious! I tried the raw egg treatment, remind me to never do that again. Can we say scrambled eggs in their hair after they washed it in warm water. I’m going for the baking soda treatment next and then the cider vinegar. If that fails I’ll get a harsher chemical treatment from our hairdresser.

Today is Easter that means the girls were up at 5AM to see if the Easter Bunny had hid eggs! 5am FIVE AM! Ugg…thank goodness he was up early and got the eggs hidden. 😛 Thankfully the girls go back to school tomorrow so they may be willing to go to bed at a decent time. L was staying up until almost 10pm reading.

My upcoming week isn’t too exciting, well, maybe a bit!

  • Monday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers in the Dells
  • Tuesday – exercise at home
  • Wednesday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers, our 15 year wedding anniversary!, taking L to school for the 4th grade girls education on how their bodies will be changing
  • Thursday – DOR?, work Weight Watchers at night
  • Friday – exercise at home, Zumba?
  • Saturday – exercise at home, Zumba?, 3pm leave for our weekend away! Massages!
  • Sunday – DOR? or exercise at the hotel, return home and then go back for Weight Watchers Celebrations meeting (2pm-4pm) at the same hotel we are staying at on Saturday.

Of course, if the weather warms up like they say I’ll be walking in the afternoon.

I also applied for another job on Saturday, I hope to hear about that too.

Enjoy your Easter!

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