My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Missing the bus!

on April 8, 2013

Good Monday morning! Well, the girls missed the bus this morning. We aren’t sure how since they got outside at their normal time. Oh well, hubby is taking them in now.

Yesterday afternoon I went back to Baraboo for Weight Watchers Celebrations. The exciting part was that the leader on Thursday night in Portage was named the Rookie Leader of the Year! Yeah for Brandy, she totally deserves it! After that I went to Aldi to stock up on a few things. Sadly I forgot my bags so I bought one of theirs at the checkout. I had no idea it was large enough to fit a toddler inside! Their bag is twice the size of our normal bags and I loaded it up!

I slept great last night which is a blessing. I didn’t sleep the greatest at the hotel so I needed a good rest. My morning workout was 15 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes on the treadmill. I ended it all with some ab work and I’m going to Zumba + Toning this morning at 9am. If it stops raining this afternoon I might walk the mile loop in my neighborhood, it’s supposed to be 62 degrees today! My home scale said 149# this morning which was wonderful! I think I’m going to try weighing myself on MWF, but we’ll see. I’ve been such a scale addict these last 8 years it’s hard to change.

Here’s my upcoming week…

  • Monday – exercise at home, Zumba
  • Tuesday – exercise at home, L has piano lessons
  • Wednesday – exercise at home, Zumba, work Weight Watchers out for lunch with Sue
  • Thursday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – exercise at home, Zumba, L has a birthday party sleepover
  • Saturday- exercise at home, Zumba, C has a birthday party in the afternoon
  • Sunday – rest!

That’s all I have going on. 😛


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