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For the love of GOD!

on April 14, 2013

No, this is not a religious post, I’m not all that religious. Instead, it’s an ‘oh maaaannnn’ post.

Let’s start at 3am. L comes into my bedroom says, “Mom, I don’t feel well” and then bolts from my bedroom into the bathroom. Hubby goes to check on her and she wants me. I go in and we get her set up on the couch with a bucket and towels. I got back to bed for a bit.

When I get up she’s sick a few more times and then sleeps on and off.

Later on C gets up and we are sitting by each other on the sofa. For some odd reason I decide to look at her hair, like really look at it. What do I see? Lice! Well, we’ve been down this road before, like July 2010 to be exact (I had to look it up in my blog). So I got out the lice shampoo and we went to work. After the 10 minutes I washed it out and set up combing through her entire head! Have I mentioned that C has extremely thick hair, it doesn’t matter that it’s long since the nits are 1″ or so from the scalp, it just matters that she has a lot of hair to go through. A LOT! It took around 90 minutes with a couple of breaks thrown in. Thankfully this infestation is nowhere near as bad as 2010. I only found 4 little nymphs, NO adults and less than 30 nits. I’m going to be rechecking her head in a bit. I’m just glad I caught it today because I was able to treat it and she won’t miss school. I did call 2 moms this morning of the girls she encountered yesterday. Not that the girls were touching heads or anything, but just an FYI.

L has been sleeping quite a bit and hasn’t gotten sick since around noon. She won’t be going to school tomorrow since they need to be 24 hours illness-free before they are allowed to return. She’s mad that she’ll miss school! 😛 I’ve scanned her head briefly and don’t really see anything, but I want to shampoo her anyway. That’s going to need to wait a bit until she can sit upright for the 10 minutes and hang her head over the sink while I rinse it out.

So, that’s my life! Blerg…

No workout for me today. I opted for another day off. The scale said 148.8# which is getting back to where I like to be.

My upcoming week looks like this….

  • Monday – exercise at home, Zumba, scan heads for nits
  • Tuesday – exercise, piano?, scan heads for nits
  • Wednesday – exercise, work at Weight Watchers, scan heads for nits
  • Thursday – exercise?, work at Weight Watchers, scan heads for nits
  • Friday – exercise, Zumba, early release from school, dance at school at night, scan heads for nits

Nothing too exciting, although if Lice is going to be the excitement I’d prefer my boring life!


2 responses to “For the love of GOD!

  1. Chubby McGee says:

    ARGH! Just…argh! I feel so badly for you guys. Lice + vomiting = too much for a mom and her kids to handle. 😦

    I hope L is feeling much better and that C’s parasites are done bugging her.

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks so much! Things are a bit better now AND it could always be worse!

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