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on April 15, 2013

So, I rechecked C’s hair this morning and didn’t see any live lice. She’s off to school and I’ll recheck after school.

L is much better this morning. She’s actually off the couch and moving around a bit. Soon I’m going to treat her hair and then I’ll check it after Zumba. The little bit I did look at her hair, I didn’t see anything, but I’m doing it as a precaution.

I just have itchy head by association! All hubby and C could see was dandruff and I’ll take that any day. 🙂

Home workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical and 30 on the treadmill. I’ll be going to Zumba this morning too.

Hubby will do the grocery shopping after I get home since we aren’t leaving L home alone when she’s not feeling up to par.

Nothing else to say. Enjoy the day!

~~~~~~~~~ Afternoon edit.

Zumba was good today, for some reason my energy was down though, but I still had fun. The bonus was the sun was shining!

L is definitely better. She’s eaten, we’ve played Mouse Trap and she read some for school.

C is home from school and said she had a couple of itchies today. After supper I am going to douse her hair in vinegar. It’s a remedy I saw online that helps to release the nits from the hair shaft. Then I’ll be rechecking her hair.

When I checked L today I only found less than 10 nits, nothing alive and no itching for her. I think I’ll do an ever other day check on her head.

I also cleaned up the girls’ rooms today. Moved mattresses, vacuumed behind the bed, dusted off the headboard, etc. I vacuumed the living room and the furniture too.

In other news I got a call about a job interview. A few weeks ago I applied at the library for a clerk position. The woman called me today and I go in at 9:30am tomorrow for my interview. It’s only part-time so she said I’d need to bring in my hours of availability. Easy.


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