My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Are things looking up?

on April 16, 2013

Good evening! I think things in our lives are finally on the upswing.

Let’s see…let’s back up to last night….I’m in the bathroom and my head feels itchy. Yep. I run the comb through and BAM 2 lice, lices, louse? Whatever! They were there. So I got out the lice shampoo and went to town. After the 10 minutes I washed it out and hubby combed through my hair. No eggs, no nits, no lice. Hmm… Of course I had dreams (nightmares) of them all over my head, crawling on my face, etc. Ugg…I hate it. Thankfully this morning when I recombed my hair AND this afternoon after hubby looked at my head again, there is nothing. I will be reshampooing in the 7-10 days you can bet on it!

So, after my fitful night of sleep I got up to get my workout on. Now my lower back has been sore lately. I think it’s from the DVDs of Jillian’s that I am on. Good, bad? Who knows, all I know is I obviously could stand to strengthen my lower back. So this morning I opted for running. 35 minutes total, broken up into 2 chunks with some hula hooping in between. The home scale said 147.8#! Yippee! Now to learn from this that a binge is NOT worth it!

I had a job interview at the library this morning. 1 and a half hours long! I almost think I’m a sho-in! πŸ˜› She is interviewing 5 people and hiring 2-3 with the 3rd not starting right away. *fingers crossed* but I had great vibes, plus I practically live at the library! LOL It’s a part-time position with 4 hour shifts, but I’m all for it, I imagine those 4 hours would fly by!

While I was at my interview, hubby was at his. Sadly, that job just won’t work out financially. So after that he stopped by his old employer. He gave hubby some names of masonry crews that are hiring around here. He called one of them and it’s ‘almost’ a given that he’ll hire him. The man is going to call this weekend and he may not need him next week, but possibly the week after. *fingers crossed* on this one too!

It looks like we should have some more money in the near future! It would be nice to stash away some extra cash. Hubby talks about wanting to buy a gas efficient car someday. His truck is 13 years old and has almost 200,000 miles, it’s rusting through a bit too!

This afternoon I took advantage of the sun and warmish weather and went for a mile walk around the neighborhood. It was nice to get some sunshine!

L went back to school today and you’d never know she was down for the count all day Sunday.

I briefly looked at C’s hair after school and didn’t see anything. I’m still giving her a thorough going over tonight though.

Tomorrow morning there is no Zumba. 😦 Boo to that. I work Weight Watchers at noon and it will be interesting with the new leader being in place. I’m going to attempt Zumba at 4pm tomorrow though.

That’s it from me, enjoy the night!


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