My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I have ‘another’ job!

on April 19, 2013

Good afternoon! I just got the phone call that the public library wants to hire me! I’m so excited! I get to go in Monday to complete all the paperwork and discuss my hours. Right now they are working on an addition to the existing library. They are adding a children’s wing and that’s where I will primarily work. It’s scheduled to be done on August 1st (weather permitting) and for now I’ll be training in the existing library. Obviously there will be a lot of things for me to learn and I’m excited to get started. One of the best parts about working in the children’s area is I get to work with a wonderful librarian and friend, Dawn. She is the Children’s Librarian and my girls went to her for story time. She also runs the summer reading program and the special Saturday programs at the library. While my girls are getting older now and we don’t attend as many of them, I know all the hard work that goes into getting these things put together.

I will still work at Weight Watchers too. My schedule should be flexible enough for that to happen. I’ll work out all those details on Monday. I’m just excited to have something to do that I love and to keep me busy! 😛


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