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It’s going to be a great day!

on April 22, 2013

Good morning! I had a really nice, low-key weekend. We are head lice free! Thank goodness.

My workout this morning was 15 minutes on the elliptical and then I couldn’t decide what to do. I’m tired of Jillian’s workout 5 & 6, sooooo I decided to pop in workout 7! Eak! Tough, but much more exciting than 6. I’m glad I did it but my arms were trembling and twitching like crazy. My only hope is that Zumba +Toning this morning won’t render my arms useless! 😛 The home scale is 148.4# which is great considering I had more points yesterday. I decided to get in my ‘healthy’ fats and hit up the cashews a bit. 😛 Yummy! Sadly, they are high in points.

At 1pm today I meet with the library director, my boss, Shannon. I’m excited to get the paperwork done and find out when I’ll be able to work. The shifts are 9-1, 1-5, 5-close, Saturdays are 9-2. Anyway, she asked that I come in with requested time off so that she can get me on the schedule AND work around mine. I love the flexibility.

Hubby got a call last night from his new boss, Jim. He won’t need hubby to start until next week. He’s going to mail him the paperwork to fill out though. I’m excited for hubby to have a job again. His new boss sounds like a great guy and it seems he runs his business very professionally. Always a plus.

I’m unsure of how my week is going to pan out with starting to work at the library, but here’s what I have tentatively planned.

  • Monday – Zumba, 1pm library
  • Tuesday – L’s piano
  • Wednesday – RIPPED, work Weight Watchers
  • Thursday – work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – Zumba, sleepover at our house if I don’t work.
  • Saturday – Crazylegs! 2 mile walk
  • Sunday – rest

It also looks that by the weekend it will be in the upper 60’s and sunny! I’m so looking forward to that. Enjoy your day!


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