My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Friday Eve

on April 25, 2013

I don’t have much to report these days. I’m still working out, weighing myself when I want to, eating pretty well.

I did attend a new class yesterday called R.I.P.P.E.D. It is taught by the Zumba instructor but it definately is NOT Zumba. We did weights, plyometrics, abs, intervals, etc. It was a fun time and the 60 minutes flew by.

I worked Weight Watchers yesterday. The new leader is coming into his own and for that I’m grateful. We had about 24 people stay for the meeting and I didn’t remember to check how many people weighed in. My coworker Cheryl brought me some clothes yesterday. I was just thinking I’d like a new zippered sweatshirt, well, she brought me 4 of them! I think we have an intuition with each other because when I emailed her about the girls having head lice she said she was just thinking about that for some reason. Strange coinsidence.

I work WW tonight and I’m happy to be back after staying home last week. I miss seeing everyone that attends the meetings.

Friday night L is having at least one friend stay over. The other one comes from divorced parents and the mom was hoping to spend some time with her daughter, so we’ll see about her. I leave early Saturday morning to carpool down to Crazylegs in Madison. That means hubby will be in charge of breakfast and getting the girl(s) home in the morning. He’s fine with it. 🙂

No other news to report. I’m hoping to get out into the sunshine at some point today. The next week looks awesome for weather.


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