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Crazylegs 2013!

on April 28, 2013

Good Sunday morning!

Yesterday was a great day! I got up at 4:30am and did 32 minutes on the treadmill along with some ab exercises. Brandy picked me up at 6:45am and we headed down to Vicki’s house. We were all driving down to Madison together to walk in the Crazylegs race.

We got to Madison pretty early and walked around the square to check out the Farmer’s Market and the State Capitol building. The walk started at 10am, but by the time we actually crossed the starting line it was 10:15am. It took us just over 30 minutes to walk to Camp Randall Stadium. It was pretty awesome to be there with so many people! The music was pretty decent too, lots of 80’s music. We sat around for a bit to people watch. At that point we had been walking around for almost 3 hours! I was thankful to sit for a bit.

For lunch we all went to Applebee’s. We were going to try to eat some where on the square, but most of them only serve Brunch on Saturdays. I got home around 2pm and we walked over to my friend Tami’s house. She was having a garage sale so I used it as a good excuse to get the girls outside and walking! hehe While we were there we set up a playdate for this morning for the 8 year old girls.

Yesterday afternoon my MIL called to say my FIL was going back down to Madison to the hospital. I hope to hear more news about how he is doing today. I had bad dreams about the outcome and I only hope I am wrong.

This morning is a day off for me. I’ve earned 30 Activity Points in the past 3 days and I just want to ‘be’ today. Yeah, I’ll walk around a little bit and maybe do some gardening later on when it gets a bit warmer, but no hard-core cardio for me today. The scale was at 148.4# which is fantastic. I weigh-in on Wednesday and I’d like it to be a good one for May.

I’ll leave you with some photos from yesterday!

crazylegs 2013

brandy crazy

045vicki crazy


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