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20 Years!

on April 30, 2013

Good morning! The sun has finally peeked out from all the rain clouds! That means I can head out for my first little walk soon.

So, what’s 20 years you ask? Well, I graduated from High School in 1993, so that means my 20 year class reunion is this summer. I have yet to attend any class reunions, 5 year – no way, 10 year – eh, 15 year – almost went since I was in town for my stepdad’s funeral. This morning I log onto Facebook and see the invite. I told myself I was going to go this year. So, I booked the hotel room! I have to tell hubby yet tonight since he’ll need that Friday off work to drive to Minnesota.

How am I feeling about going? Well, I had a handful of close friends in my class. We were a class of 52 students. My best friend Rachel and I have known each other since the summer before Kindergarten started. My other close friend is Janel and we try to get together about once a year or so. In high school I was overweight, never had a boyfriend, but was well liked. I am thankful that I didn’t get caught up in the drama of dating since a lot of girls just swapped around boyfriends since there weren’t many to go around! LOL

What’s different now? Well, I’m married for 15 years, I have two beautiful daughters, a nice home, stability and better health. I’m not the same person I was in high school, yet I have a feeling I’ll go there feeling less than confident. It’s something I can work on for the next two months, confidence.

My hometown is small, like 2000 people small. It does have a hotel now and when I checked online all the rooms were booked. Ugg…I checked around in neighboring towns, which are all 29-30 minutes away. Then I thought, I’ll just call and see. Thankfully they have some rooms available. I got the suite so we’ll have a fridge and microwave. Being there from a Friday afternoon – Sunday morning is going to require some food from home. I can not possibly eat out for that many meals and feel good physically. The hotel has a pool and hot tub, and the fitness room is iffy. Someone online posted about not being able to get the key or something. I figure I know the town well enough to get a run in each morning and have it amount to a good workout.

Oh, the weekend of the reunion is also the weekend of Riverside Days. I guess it’s some type of weekend-long party in the Riverside Park. I don’t really remember having them when I lived there so it must be something new. A lot has really changed in my hometown. I haven’t been there since 2008 when my stepdad died. I was in town that weekend of the reunion but decided to head home before it started since I’d had enough emotional drainage the entire week I was there.

Alright, enough talk about that. Moving on…..

Yesterday C let me pull out her tooth before school. Dilemma time, how to swap the tooth for the money last night. I knew the girls were in C’s bedroom conspiring about the whole tooth fairy thing. For one, they slept together in C’s bed, that never happens! Then the tooth was moved from the headboard to who knows where! I did try to find it once during the night, but no luck. So this morning before I woke them up, I moved the pillow that I could now access since they toss and turn and there it was! I quickly got the ‘exchange’ box and swapped them out. Of course C is questioning me about it this morning. I finally told her it was me, but I don’t think she believes me! LOL Whatever, it’s too stressful to be the tooth fairy anyway! 😛

My morning workout was a 20 minute program on the treadmill, ab work and then a 12 minute run on the treadmill. It’s going to be in the 80’s today and I’m going to head out soon for a mile walk. Then this afternoon when L is at piano lessons, C and I will walk for 20-30 minutes around town while we wait. That’ll be enough activity for me today.

Hubby had his first day of work yesterday. It went okay. He’s not a real talkative type guy, but he said it was just okay. Today he is working on another job they have, but still about the same distance from home. His dad is still in the hospital and if he gets out today hubby will pick him up after work.

I think that’s my novel for this morning! Enjoy the great weather!


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