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Last day and my garden so far.

Today was my last day at the newspaper. Graduation is over, so the busy time is done. I ran a few errands and came home to weed the garden. Thankfully scuffle-hoeing the garden is easy and effective. After one week of no weeding, there wasn’t much to do. Here are some current photos of my ‘old’ garden.


My new cucumber trellis.

bush bean

Bush beans in the back, broccoli in the middle, cabbage in the front.


Tomatoes in the front, brussels sprouts in the back.

Most things are doing pretty well so far. I do have to get more seeds in the ground this weekend. The only bad part of gardening is all the darn mosquitoes! As much as I had bug spray it’s a necessity around here.

I don’t know what else to blog about. I hope to get back into posting more regularly. 🙂

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Again we are plagued by head lice! Seriously! I’ve had enough. I’ve spend 2 1/2 hours looking through both girls heads. I ran out of the shampoo on C’s thick hair and we have to head out shopping to get more for L and myself. I always just treat myself too since there is no one here capable of looking through  my hair accurately. Things are packed away again and in the dryer. They will be downsized to one pillow and blanket for a while. Oh, this time I’m buying the everyday shampoo that has tea tree oil and something else in it to repel the head lice. I don’t care what it costs. 😛

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How does your garden grow?

Good morning! Okay, seriously, TODAY is a day-of-rest! LOL I’m not good at taking them lately, so today is the day. The scale is super nice again, 147#, 2# to go til my goal! I know I’m going to get there.

Saturday morning we went to a bunch of garage sales. Pardeeville has it’s City Wide Garage Sales on Memorial Day weekend. We found a lot of great deals. I went to one sale and found 3 pair of jean shorts for a total of 75 cents! I got them home and they all fit. We also went to one sale that had a great things, really clean and cheaply priced. We found out when we went to pay that everything was 1/2 off! At that sale we found serrated knives. We’ve needed new ones for ever, but I did not want to spend a ton of money on them, well, they ended up being 50 cents each! Then we found a beanie babie for May and since that’s when our new nephew was born we bought it for $1.

Now, on to our new nephew. He’s such a cutie! Here’s proof.girls with lucas


I love how he’s looking up at his cousin in this pic. Here’s a pic of all the nieces and nephews that were at the inlaws…


angie and lucas

Here I am with Lucas, he’s such a sweetie. I can’t wait to see him more.

After the inlaws we came home and I tackled the garden. Thankfully the weeds were not out of control and it didn’t take to long to go through both of them. Right now the radishes, beets, arugula, kale, onions and spinach are making an appearance in the new garden. The old garden has mostly plants and some seeds. Finally my Delicata squash seeds have emerged so I planted a few more hills of those. Some of my green beans have poked through, but I still need to purchase some seeds today for the 3rd tepee. I also need to buy a few more tomato plants, pepper plants and my cucumbers. I think I’m going to wait another week before I put in some more seeds of the kale & spinach.

That’s all I know. Enjoy the day!

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Baby day!

Good morning! Work has been keeping me busy. That along with hauling my kids around to events at night. I’m thankful for a three day weekend to recover! LOL

Today for lunch we are headed to the inlaw’s house. We get to see our new nephew for the first time! I can’t wait for that little baby smell, although he’s not so little.

Things here are good. I work out when I feel like it and how hard I feel like it. I try to get in a walk at night when I can fit it in. The scale is being awfully nice to me, the other morning it was 146.8# and today 147.2# I’d love to get to 145# by my class reunion on June 29th. That would be an even 40# lost! Since highschool I’d be down about 55# or so.

I need to organize my days…

  • Saturday – garage sales, inlaws house, games with kids, work on L’ books for school
  • Sunday –  get the rest of the garden done (buy plants, but in seeds, weed)
  • Monday – ?
  • Tuesday – work at paper, girls have bowling trip (reward for reading), piano for L
  • Wednesday – work at paper, work at Weight Watchers, middle school meeting for L
  • Thursday – work at paper, C has trip to park
  • Friday – work at paper
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Blood Draw & MRI

Good evening. I had my Endocrinologist appointment this morning. It’s now been 14 months without a menstrual cycle. The next step is a blood draw on Thursday morning. They’ll be testing my Human Growth Hormone levels and my adrenal levels. From there I will be having an MRI done to see if I have any ‘growths’ on my pituitary gland. If the blood results are unfavorable the MRI will happen quickly. If the results are good then it won’t be as urgent. If there happen to be growths on my pituitary gland it would be recommended to surgically remove them. Yeah, that’s in my head, behind my eyes. I’m not keen on that being the case. So, blood draw Thursday and then I should know within a week what those results are. In my mind I don’t think it’s that serious since I don’t have a lot of the other symptoms that go along with the worst case scenario.

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Good morning! Yesterday was rough. I got in to work at 8am and found out one of the coworkers needed to leave at 10am for a dentist appointment. He has an infected tooth and his dentist is in Madison. After he left my friend got a phone call that her son was in distress. He’s a diabetic and was having extremely high blood sugar and was really out of it. An ambulance was sent to Westfield to bring him to the hospital. Needless to say my friend was in a panic and met him at the hospital. Thankfully she called in Melissa early since I have no idea how to do the pagination. When Nick was done at the dentist he got Dusty’s text and came back to work. They are pulling the tooth on Wednesday afternoon.

It was very scary to hear about my friend’s son. He’s stable now, but I’m unsure if she’ll be at work today or not. I have a Dr. appointment at 9:20 so I’m not going in until after that. I hope all is well. I worked from 8am-6pm yesterday without a break. I did eat lunch at 1:30 at my desk and it was steady chaos all day long. I’m hoping today when I’m there I can get a bunch accomplished since it’s a busy week. I can’t stay late today since L has piano lessons and she already missed last week because her teacher was sick.

In better news my SIL had her baby on Sunday night. He’s super cute and I’m hoping we’ll get to go see them this weekend. We are hoping to go hiking near their house and then we can drop in. I think I’ll take along some food for them. That was always the hard part about having a newborn, finding time and energy to prepare food.

I’m working out, except today is my DOR, it’s been way too many days since I’ve rested. The home scale was 147.8# which is decent. Tomorrow morning I’m going in to work from 8am-10:45 and then heading over to WW. I’m not going back to the paper in the afternoon since I have some things I need to get done. Although, IF hubby gets rained out from work I’ll go back, I’m not sure.

Thursday I work from 8am-3pm and then I have to go to school to pickup the fundraiser items. Or if hubby is rained out he can do it and I can work a bit later. It’s all up in the air at this point. 😛

Enoy the day!

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Working on a Sunday.

Good morning. I’ve already worked for 3 hours this morning at the newspaper. It’s a busy time of year with Graduation and Memorial Day so I went in to work. The extra money will be good. 🙂

Yesterday I ended up push mowing the rest of the yard, 2 hours! I earned a ton of Activity Points yesterday, that and a few blisters! My workout this morning was just walking on the treadmill while I read my book. This afternoon (as long as the rain holds off) I’m going to get some veggie plants and seeds into the garden. I also have to prep lunches for the upcoming week and prep a few suppers.

L is having a friend over this afternoon and she’s already completed her list of chores for the day, so I’m happy with that.

C is doing much better. Saturday she was awake the entire day and managed to eat a bit more food. Today she is perky as ever with just a stuffed up nose. Considering there is only 11 1/2 days left of school, I’d like her to be healthy!

There isn’t much else happening around here. I’m just keeping busy and trying to get everything accomplished that I want to.

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What do ya do?

Good rainy Friday morning. I was home yesterday with a sick kiddo. C was ill again. She woke up with a stomachache and she said she felt hot. At that time she didn’t have a fever, but stayed home from school. She proceeded to sleep the entire day away. She was up now and then to drink some water, but that was it. Around 3:30pm she got up and requested a popsicle, her only ‘food’ of the day. At that time she had a 100.4 degree fever. So I gave her some medicine to bring that down. On to this morning….she is home still, no fever, but again sleeping on the couch. She’s a bit congested too. Poor kid. She missed 3 days last week and 2 days this week, at least today is only a half day.

Hubby called a bit ago and they got rained out at work so he’s on his way home. That means I can go work at the paper today! Yeah for someone making money today. 😛

Exercise is still going well. The scale was at 149# on the nose after eating Mexican food last night for supper. My two co-workers from the Thursday night Weight Watchers meeting are celebrating birthdays today and tomorrow so we went out to celebrate. They indulged in margaritas and daquaris and I had a diet pepsi! LOL It wasn’t my birthday after all. I also tried something new, a shrimp quesadilla rellena. Delicious and light! I think seafood is the way to go.

No major plans for the weekend.  L wants a playdate with a friend from school so I have to work that out yet. I’m hoping C starts to feel a bit better.

My FIL is home and doing so much better! The extra good news is they sold their home up north so they no longer have to worry about that home too. The downside is they have 2 weekends to get the place cleaned out. Of course they asked hubby to assist with that and since he wants the trailer that is up there he’s going to have to go up at some point to get it. Sadly it’s a 3+ hour drive and that makes for a long day.

Next week is going to be a bit busier for us..

  • Monday – exercise at home, work at the paper
  • Tuesday – exercise at home, Endocrinologist appointment, C has a field trip, work at the paper, piano lessons for L
  • Wednesday – exercise at home, work Weight Watchers, p/u kids from school to take L to a meeting for band, p/u friend’s kid from practice
  • Thursday – exercise at home?, work at the paper, p/u kids to get fundraiser items from school, deliver a few items, back to the HS at 6:45pm for L’s choir concert
  • Friday – exercise at home, work at the paper

That’s it from me, enjoy the day!

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Taking a breath!

Good morning! Wow, who could remember that working is such hard ‘work’! LOL I mean, I don’t have my free time to clean the house, do laundry, dishes, weed the garden, etc. So, since I don’t work at the paper today, I’m trying to cram that all in.

Let’s see…..I worked at the paper Monday & Tuesday. Yesterday I stayed late and let the girls come home to an empty house, along with a list of chores to do! I did call them to make sure things were going well and they made it about 45 minutes as latch-key kids before I came home.

The last two nights we’ve gone on a family walk for 1 mile around the neighborhood. There is a local 5k coming up and I’d love for them to be a bit more enthusiastic this year, so we are ‘training’ a bit. Next week we are going to do the 2 mile walk if the weather cooperates with us.

I’m still working out. Yesterday morning I did two of Jillian’s DVDs, workout 1 & 2. At the time it didn’t seem to rough, but my quads, hamstrings and glutes are a tad sore today. This morning I just ran/jogged for 45 minutes. I’m also sneaking in 10-15 minute walks on my lunch break at work. The home scale said 148.4# this morning.

On tap for today…

  • Dishes (dishwasher running now)
  • Laundry
  • Online training for Weight Watchers
  • Bake bread
  • Make granola for L’s Art Club party
  • Shop at Kmart & Walmart
  • Work Weight Watchers
  • Plant potatoes & onions
  • Pull weeds in the garden
  • Pickup friend’s daughter
  • Maybe walk with the kiddos
  • Prep salads for lunches

That should keep me plenty busy. All of that, along with enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having in Wisconsin! Finally!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I’m going to recap yesterday. The girls were at a sleepover Friday night and I picked them up around 11am or so. After lunch I went to the library and came home to this….

carly sleeping

lydia sleeping

They were out COLD! Hubby and the cat were also sleeping. I was only gone for 40 minutes, tops. Oh well, it was a quiet household for a while anyway.

Last night we played a couple of board games and watched Bones on TV.


My workout this morning was a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and then Level 4 of Ripped in 30 with Jillian. I need to get back to the other Jillian DVDs this week too. I also finished up my new Assessment for my ActiveLink. It had me earning an average of 6 APs last week, that’s without Zumba classes, so that’s pretty decent. I do hope I can get in some evening walks after supper this week to increase my activity. Sitting at a computer from 8am-3pm at the paper doesn’t do any good as far as movement goes.

The thing I shouldn’t have done this morning was step on the scale. I do not deserve the number I saw. Yesterday I was 147.6#, wonderful and I felt great! I had a good day yesterday, exercised at home, ate well, maybe had too much sodium and saw 150# this morning! Blerg, not a happy mother’s day weight for me. It made me mad for a bit, but I’m just going with sodium as a culpret. Water today will help.

My Mother’s Day plans were to go hiking. However, it’s about 40 degrees outside, sunny BUT windy! Not my idea of hiking weather, so I came up with a backup plan. BOWLING! I like bowling and since it’s my day it’s what I choose to do. The alley doesn’t open until 11am, so we are going to have lunch here and then drive over to Baraboo to bowl. I also need to stop at Pierce’s and get some Shiritaki noodles for supper tonight. I’m making spaghetti & meatballs and garlic/cheese buns! I prepped the meatballs last night and just need to bake them up.

We were going to see my FIL this afternoon since he WAS coming home. Change of plans, due to swelling in his legs he’s staying down in Madison. Ugg…we wanted to see him. Oh well, hopefully sometime soon he’ll be home.

So after bowling & shopping we’ll head home to chill out. I’m thinking a few more board games are on order and a bit of ‘quiet’ time too.

My upcoming week looks like this…

  • Monday – exercise, work at the paper, haircuts after school
  • Tuesday – exercise, work at the paper, piano lessons
  • Wednesday – exercise, work at Weight Watchers
  • Thursday – DOR?, work at the paper, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – exercise, work at the paper, Early Release for the kids.
  • Saturday – exercise, hiking?
  • Sunday – ?, C has a birthday party in the afternoon

Enjoy your day!

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