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The weekend flew by!

on May 6, 2013

Good Monday Morning!

Where to begin?

Friday night L was in the talent show at school. She looked very nervous but I am so proud of her. It takes a lot of guts to go on stage and perform, especially for a shy girl.

Saturday Hubby went to visit his dad. He’s still in the hospital and who knows when he’ll get out. While he was in Madison we went to the library and did some things at home. The day seems to fly by, mostly because I slept in and didn’t workout in the morning.

Sunday I got up and did Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, another Jillian DVD. It was a nice change from her 90 Day Revolution and it was fun and the 50 minutes went pretty quickly.

Once the girls were ready to go we headed to the greenhouse to get some plants for the garden. We came home and the girls each wanted their own garden this year. So, they each got a 5’x5′ (or so) area to plant their own seeds and plants. I assisted in telling them how to plant things, but I did not help them. They are pretty proud and now they have to remember to water their gardens. 🙂

When they finished up I started in on our ‘new’ garden. (We have two one is 30’x25′ and the other 25’x25′, the new one is smaller). I decided this garden would have the seeds. So it has…

  • beets
  • radishes
  • kale (need to purchase more seeds)
  • romaine
  • onions, red & yellow (need to purchase more sets)
  • carrots, yellow & orange
  • arugula
  • potatoes (to be planted yet)

Once that was done I took a break for lunch and started in on the old garden. This one mostly has plants and a few seeds. It has…

  • pole beans (to be planted)
  • bush beans
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • brussels sprouts
  • yellow zucchini (need to get some green)
  • delicata squash (to be planted)
  • cucumbers (to be planted)
  • tomatoes (to be planted)
  • peppers (to be planted)
  • ground cherries (to be planted)

I tried to recall how long I was gardening and I think it was close to 4 hours or so.

This morning my body is still and sore. I’m not sure if it’s from the DVD or the gardening! LOL All I know is my back muscles are feeling it and I think it’s from hunkering over to plant all those seeds and from hoeing the dirt in the garden that hubby had recently tilled up.

In sad news yesterday, C is ill. She has a really sore throat and had a fever of just over 100 degrees. I gave her medicine to lower the fever and she had a cough drop that didn’t do much. She’s staying home from school today so I can get her into the clinic for a strep test. It seems to be going around lately and I don’t want her to suffer if she has it too. I can also tell she’s sickly since she slept later than normal yesterday and currently (7:10am) she is still sleeping while L is already on the bus.

My workout this morning was just 40 minutes total on the treadmill. I did a 28 minute program of varying speeds and then a 12 minute walk, followed by a lot of stretching! Sadly my back could use a massage, but stretching will have to do.

Obviously I’m not going in to work at the paper today. I hope I can get there tomorrow, as long as C doesn’t have a fever (or strep) when she gets up this morning.

That’s all from me, enjoy the wonderful weather!


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