My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Working on a Sunday.

on May 19, 2013

Good morning. I’ve already worked for 3 hours this morning at the newspaper. It’s a busy time of year with Graduation and Memorial Day so I went in to work. The extra money will be good. 🙂

Yesterday I ended up push mowing the rest of the yard, 2 hours! I earned a ton of Activity Points yesterday, that and a few blisters! My workout this morning was just walking on the treadmill while I read my book. This afternoon (as long as the rain holds off) I’m going to get some veggie plants and seeds into the garden. I also have to prep lunches for the upcoming week and prep a few suppers.

L is having a friend over this afternoon and she’s already completed her list of chores for the day, so I’m happy with that.

C is doing much better. Saturday she was awake the entire day and managed to eat a bit more food. Today she is perky as ever with just a stuffed up nose. Considering there is only 11 1/2 days left of school, I’d like her to be healthy!

There isn’t much else happening around here. I’m just keeping busy and trying to get everything accomplished that I want to.


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