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How does your garden grow?

on May 26, 2013

Good morning! Okay, seriously, TODAY is a day-of-rest! LOL I’m not good at taking them lately, so today is the day. The scale is super nice again, 147#, 2# to go til my goal! I know I’m going to get there.

Saturday morning we went to a bunch of garage sales. Pardeeville has it’s City Wide Garage Sales on Memorial Day weekend. We found a lot of great deals. I went to one sale and found 3 pair of jean shorts for a total of 75 cents! I got them home and they all fit. We also went to one sale that had a great things, really clean and cheaply priced. We found out when we went to pay that everything was 1/2 off! At that sale we found serrated knives. We’ve needed new ones for ever, but I did not want to spend a ton of money on them, well, they ended up being 50 cents each! Then we found a beanie babie for May and since that’s when our new nephew was born we bought it for $1.

Now, on to our new nephew. He’s such a cutie! Here’s proof.girls with lucas


I love how he’s looking up at his cousin in this pic. Here’s a pic of all the nieces and nephews that were at the inlaws…


angie and lucas

Here I am with Lucas, he’s such a sweetie. I can’t wait to see him more.

After the inlaws we came home and I tackled the garden. Thankfully the weeds were not out of control and it didn’t take to long to go through both of them. Right now the radishes, beets, arugula, kale, onions and spinach are making an appearance in the new garden. The old garden has mostly plants and some seeds. Finally my Delicata squash seeds have emerged so I planted a few more hills of those. Some of my green beans have poked through, but I still need to purchase some seeds today for the 3rd tepee. I also need to buy a few more tomato plants, pepper plants and my cucumbers. I think I’m going to wait another week before I put in some more seeds of the kale & spinach.

That’s all I know. Enjoy the day!


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