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Another day, another sore muscle (or two…or three…)

 CrossFit is rocking my world and my body. Let’s list what body parts are feeling it….neck, upper shoulders, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Yep, that’s about all of them. I’m not complaining, although it is hard to blow my nose because my abs hurt so much. 😛 I like that Tom posts the workouts the night before, or maybe I don’t, that way I fret about things in bed. Maybe I should stop looking, or maybe not.


2 laps
bear walk 
burpee broad jump

Bergener Snatch

Yoke push – this was initially tough to push 50+ pounds on a flat surface, but I just got my body weight into it and it was easier.
Sprints – these were 40 yards, 2x

Tabata – this means 20 seconds of the activity, 10 seconds rest, repeat 6 times for each move.
3 min each
Mountain climbers
air squats
push ups – I learned a 3 point pushup (that’s what I think it was called) it’s where you go all the way down and then lift up your hands, put them down and come back up
box jumps – I was surprised to learn I could actually jump more than 12″ off the ground!
pullups – I jumped from a box on these and learned to go all the way down so my lats were working

I was sweaty after todays workout too, but not nearly as bad as running yesterday! I’m heading back tomorrow morning as an ‘official’ paying member of Fitness Foundry. I’m trying to convince hubby to come along since he doesn’t work tomorrow.
This is my last post until sometime on Sunday afternoon or evening. We leave tomorrow shortly after breakfast and I’m not going to bother posting my WOD. I’ll recap on Sunday. Enjoy your day and your weekend!
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And I was worried about cardio!

Well, today was a kick-butt kind of WOD!

Warm up
800m Run (roughly 1/2 mile)
15 pullups – I jumped from a box to do these

1 min on 1 min off 11 minutes – Not too bad, but I did drop out 10 sec. early on the last one

10 rounds
1 rope climb – Um….I’m getting the concept, now to just get more strength
2 hill sprints – Yeah, these suck by the end, but running for years helped with this

Stretch/roll out legs

So, after my 4th class at Fitness Foundry I’m feeling happy & sore! LOL I like the challenge, I like the variety, I like having a trainer explain things to me, I like the ladies (and men) that go at 4:45am. I’m feeling all sorts of sore these days. Let’s see, my neck is sore, my upper shoulders are sore, my quads and hammies are sore and I managed to get my first ‘injury’ today. Rope burn! Tom explained that on rope climbing days it’s good to wear a knee high sock, note taken.
rope rash


I got home and was a sweaty mess. I tried to take a picture of how soaked my shirt is. The wetness on the boob is from my sweaty waterbottle, not me. Also, ignore the crazed look on my face. Selfies aren’t my thing.

sweaty mess

Today I work at Weight Watchers. My co-worker Gayle just gave me a call that David my Territory Manager is coming to our meeting today to try to talk me into becoming a leader. I have NO interest, ZERO in becoming a leader. I’m happy doing what I do, period.

It’s been raining and storming a lot here lately, and hubby was home from work yesterday. Today he went in at 9am instead of 7am. I’m hoping he’s able to work a portion of today anyway. His paycheck will be pretty small considering he’s off Friday so we can head to Minnesota. Oh well, at least that should change soon.

That’s it from me, enjoy the day!

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Up and at ’em!

Good morning! I slept so-so last night. I was easily asleep by 8:45. In the middle of the night we had a huge crack of thunder and C ended up in bed with us. Sadly, my good sleep was over at that point. I did get up to head to Fitness Foundry though. 😛 

Warm up
1 lap inch worm
1 lap laterals
1 lap bear crawl
1 lap air plane
1 lap skips

Kip pullup and Kip chest to bar – Yeah this will take a bit of work for me, upper body strength is lacking right now.

Snatch Grip Press
5-5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2  I used the 25# bar only today.

5 min amrap x3
6 Jerks 70-80% – 25# bar
12 russian kb swings – 20# kb, then a 30# for the last circuit
Rest 2 min

I’ll be feeling this workout in my neck and shoulders today for sure!
Yesterday morning after I blogged about cardio, I hit up the treadmill for a 24 minute program that alternates incline and speed. It was tough, but I muscled through it all. Today I won’t be doing that. I’m on pickup duty from school at 11am and 3pm today.
The scale is still holding steady at 147.2#, so while I won’t make my goal of 145# before my reunion on Saturday, I’m happy with maintaining below 150# for as long as I have.
Not much else happening right now. Enjoy your day! We are in for more rain.
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Rockin’ CrossFit!

Here’s what my workout was this morning.


40 Air squats
Arm/leg swings
10 Leg whips
… 10 Hand stand holds (10 sec) I actually accomplished doing some hand stand holds against the wall, not 10, but I did it! Yeah, I did hit my head a couple of times which may explain my headache. LOL

On the minute to as heavy as possible

I did a 25# bar with 20# of weights for the 5-5-5, then I went to 30# weights for 3-3-3 and then 50# for the 1-1-1

Then 21-18-15-12-9-6-3  I did 11-9-7-5-3-1
Push Press 95/75 I did the 25# bar
Ring Row I started out easy and then ended with more body weight.

Stretch/rollout Hamstrings

So, how did it go? Well, it’s harder to get up at 4:05am than 4:30am, why? Who knows. I do know I fret more about NOT waking up and missing it! LOL I felt a lot more comfortable today and I’m even starting to learn some names. There was another newbie there this morning so it was nice to have another person there.
The warmup was pretty easy. Arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, etc. Then it came to the hand stand. I thought…hmm… CAN I do this? I walked over to the wall and I tried the easy way first. Basically climbing up the wall backwards instead of throwing my legs overhead. Then Tom said he thought I’d be able to do it. He showed me how, talked about how to use my shoulder strength and lock it out and then kick it up into a hand stand. Yeah, I dropped down a couple of times, hit my head on the concrete, but I kept trying and I did it! I think 2 or 3 more, so even though I didn’t do the 10, I did it! Chris was ‘mad’ because she’s been trying for 2 years. I think I benefit from this sort of peer pressure. I’m definitely trying things I wouldn’t normally try.
Then it came to deadlifts. These aren’t too awful. I started out pretty easy and then worked up to heavier weights.
Finally it was on to the circuit. I have to work on my form for the push press to keep the weight overhead and not out in front of my body. The abs were easy, but I think that’s why my neck has been sore. The rings were more challenging, but I started out with less body weight and ended up doing the final one with all my weight. Yeah I could do it, but I don’t think I can do 21 yet! I’ll get there though.
Something I really want to be able to do at some point is a pull-up on a bar. I sucked at them in high school since I was way too overweight and out of shape to lift my body weight. I’m hoping now I can build up the strength to do it.
I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, I think!
I really like CrossFit but I’m worried about getting my cardio in. I’m going to have to work on that for sure. I know I’ll get it in on the Saturday or Sunday with a run on the treadmill, but during the week I’d have to do it in the morning or early afternoon. I guess I’ll see how I feel. I love exercising first thing in the morning, before I eat, before I shower, etc. I feel like once I shower and get dressed into regular clothes I’m pretty much done for the day. I think I just need to change my attitude about that.
Backing up to yesterday. The girls wanted to go to Devil’s Lake State Park to swim. Hubby and I wanted to hike too, so we left early and hiked for over an hour, ate lunch by the beach and the girls went for a swim. We ended up leaving just as the storm clouds were rolling in, lucky us! We headed back home, got some ice cream and watched Oz. I sorta watched it and did other things around the house.
girls on bridge

angie and tom devils


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A pre-reunion reunion

Happy Sunday morning! For now the sun is shining and it’s going to be hot and humid here today. Yesterday I met up with Rachel, my best friend since we were 5. Sadly she won’t be going to the class reunion next weekend, but she was in Wisconsin this weekend so we met up for an early lunch in Madison. I headed down early to shop a bit before lunch. We ate at Applebee’s. It was nice to chat with her and reminisce about high school. Since we won’t be doing that next weekend we had our own pre-reunion. She’s expecting baby #3 in December so her appetite was a bit off, but she managed to eat a bit and took the rest for the 90 minute ride back to her inlaws house.

So, how am I surviving after crossfit? Well, my quads are sore, my hip flexors are tight and my glutes feel soooo good! 🙂 Yesterday morning I ran on the treadmill for a bit and did a bunch of stretches. This morning they are still a bit sore, so I took a DOR and settled in a hot bath this morning. Yeah, I know, ice bath would help the muscles more, but I was going for comfort! LOL

The scale is at 147.6# this morning, a number I like to see.

On tap for today is baking homemade bread for C’s lunches at Summer School. I already have it on it’s first rise. I found a whole wheat recipe in a cookbook and gave it a shot. I need to find that perfect ‘easy’ recipe.

I’m still not starting my job at the library. Still too much chaos with the addition and remodeling going on and the director wants to hold off a bit. She’s going to get back to me this week to figure out when I’ll truly be starting. No worries.

My week is shaping up like this…

  • Monday – Crossfit, summer school
  • Tuesday – Crossfit, summer school, piano lessons
  • Wednesday – Crossfit, summer school, Weight Watchers
  • Thursday – Crossfit, summer school, Weight Watchers
  • Friday – Crossfit, head to my hometown for the reunion, lunch with my aunt along the way
  • Saturday – 5k in the morning, reunion in the evening
  • Sunday – head home, L has a birthday sleepover on Sunday night-Monday morning
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Crossfit anyone?

Good morning! So, today was my first experience in Crossfit. There are a couple of places in town that offer it, but I chose this one based on a recommendation from a Weight Watchers member. I was emailing back and forth since Saturday, trying to set up a time for my ‘intro’ class. Today was that day, bright (or not so bright) and early at 4:45 am. I slept pretty restless since I did NOT want to oversleep. I got up at 4:00am and proceeded to get ready to leave at 4:30am.

The drive into town was black night sky with the occasional streak of lightening and some rumbles of thunder. I took it as a sign of strength for my upcoming workout! 😛 I drove up and was surprised by the number of cars outside. I walked in and was immediately greeted with smiling faces and hellos. Of course, I can only remember 3 names, but I’ll get them eventually! LOL

Lani went over the basics with me about how Crossfit works. There is always a Workout Of The Day or WOD on a dry erase board. I saw my nemesis on there, mountain climbers, 75 of them, 6 times! Blerghh..

It started out with 5 minutes of jump rope, easy enough. Then we did planks, hold for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 5 minutes, again not too bad. Then we did some tumbling! I felt like I was in grade school gym class. LOL We did two backward rolls, alternating shoulders and two front rolls, again alternating shoulders.

Then it was on to the workout. Everyone else did ‘cleans’ while Lani showed me how to do them with a medicine ball. Next time I’m using the bar. When cleans were done we did the circuit. It was walking lunges (with weights for everyone else), toe to bar (or regular open legged sit ups for me) and then 75 mountain climbers at my own pace. Tom let me off easy and I only had to do 3 sets instead of 6. Thankfully! I completed my 3 sets in 6:38 and I got to write it on the board.

I don’t think I’ll be going Saturday morning, but I’m shooting for M-F at 4:45 next week. I’m also going to need to work in my cardio at home, running, elliptical etc. I don’t see coming home after Crossfit and doing that though. I may have to start running later in the day or something. I’ll know more after next week.

So, I had grand plans for today, but the weather is awful! So I don’t see strawberry picking in my future for today, nor the beach. I guess it’s a day to get chores done on the inside of the house.

I do have some outdoor plans for tomorrow morning, so I’m hoping the weather cooperates and we can do those. I’ll report more about that later on tomorrow.

Take care!

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Pass it around…

Good afternoon! The girls are in full swing with summer school. They weren’t happy about going on Monday morning, but their attitude was entirely different after. They were so excited about their Spanish class among other things. Thankfully it’s going well for both of them.

What’s up with me? Let’s see…I’m working out, weeding the flower beds and getting sunburned in the process, cleaning up the house a bit and oh, yeah, getting my husband’s sickness! I thought I wasn’t going to feel any effects of his hacking for the past 3-4 days. However, I got up this morning and my throat is sore. Hmm…I took a cold-eeze and headed out for the morning.

I found some great deals at Goodwill. I found 3 nice shirts for me at $3.99 each and 1 pair of shorts for the girls at $1.99. One of the shirts I may even wear to my class reunion next weekend. It will look nice with my black capris and sandals.

L has piano lessons soon and then it’s my turn to pickup the girls at 3pm today. I’m going to walk for the 1/2 hour she has lessons. I have a flavored pork roast (that I got on sale at Walmart) for supper which I am only hoping I’ll be able to taste! 😛 I probably won’t walk after supper since I’ll be going soon.

Still no word from the library as to what my training schedule will be next week. I just wish I knew for my own sanity-sake. Whatever. It is what it is. I have to stop in after piano to get a few books that are in so maybe I’ll happen upon my boss then.

My weight is at 147.8#, but I feel like my stomach is ginormous. Maybe it’s from taking that progesterone pill, who knows. I have another 4 days to take it. So far my period hasn’t made an appearance. I didn’t expect it to, frankly. I’m sure I’ll be calling the clinic on Monday morning to ask for a stronger dosage.

My garden is doing so-so. Some things are flourishing, but those are mostly the things that take a long time to actually produce anything. My spinach is tiny, my lettuce (romaine) is starting to do things and my kale is slowly growing. Carrots and beets are still pretty small. My potatoes are pretty huge though and so are my cruciferous vegetables. I’m not sure about my pepper plants, I’m hoping once it gets a bit warmer that they’ll take off. Every year is so different in the world of gardening.

That’s it from my world. Enjoy the day!


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An impromptu Father’s Day

Good evening! Hubby couldn’t figure out what to do for Father’s Day, until about 8:30am this morning! So we headed out to Mirror Lake State Park to hike around a bit while it was still cool out.

mirror lake

After about an hour there, we headed to Parfrey’s Glen. That place was hoppin’! We had to park alongside the road. This place was great and C particularly liked it. She wants to go back soon.

parfrey's glen


on the rock

By the time we were done there it was lunch time so hubby chose the Log Cabin for lunch. Of course I went with the Reuben and then as I was eating it remembered that theirs wasn’t so great. Well, I take that back, the bread is wonderful, it’s their corned beef that is pretty tough. I’ll remember the next time. I was impressed with their garden salad. It had cucumbers and radishes and carrots on it. Their dressings also taste delicious, I’m thinking they are homemade.

This afternoon we hung out and home and then I decided to tackle cleaning out the van. It was so dirty and full of ‘things’ that don’t need to be in the van. Hubby came out to help me and now it looks so much better.

The girls start summer school tomorrow, Mon-Thursday. I’m hoping we can keep their pickup schedules straight between the 3 of us that are picking up all the kids! It’ll work out, that’s why I have it on my dry erase board! Lord knows I couldn’t remember it day to day. 🙂

I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself this week while L is at school from 8-11am. I’m thinking walking the levee 1-2 times would be good.

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Happy Friday!

Good morning! It feels great to be back on track with my food and my mood. Even though I don’t have a period right now I wonder if I go through PMS every so often. Whatever. It’s over and I’m glad. The scale jumped back down to 147.6#, down 2.2# from yesterday, I’m rid of the sodium binge weight.

My workout this morning was a weight loss program on the treadmill, I was a sweaty mess after 28 minutes of that. Then I walked and read a magazine for another 20 minutes. I WILL walk after supper tonight too. I’m not sure what activity we’ll get in during the day. The girls are going to the beach for a bit and then C is going kayaking with grandma, so at least they’ll be active! 🙂

I think C has developed a sun allergy. Three times now she has broken out in a huge rash after being outside. So, the plan for today is a TON of sunscreen before we leave for the beach and then a bit more when we get there and then reapply. If I notice she’s breaking out again I’m having her put on a tshirt over her suit.

This morning C and I are headed to the library program. It’s Flag Day and they have a bunch of activities planned for the kids. Her only request is I don’t leave. Of course, my child who is still attached to her momma doesn’t want me to leave her! LOL

Not too much else going on. I’m still tending to the garden. I’ve eaten some arugula and lettuce from C’s garden. Otherwise things are still growing pretty well.

That’s it from me! Enjoy the day!


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Wild weather and the easiest rice!

Good morning! Yesterday was a better day food-wise, not perfect, but better. Sadly the scale is up to 149.8#, but that’s deserved.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, we got an awful storm that passed through. Our tent was mangled, my cucumber fence blew over and bent some pepper cages. Our lid from the trash can blew into the trees and several limbs fell off the huge tree in our backyard. Thankfully none of those hit our house since this tree looms over our bedroom.

garden mess

tree limb down


Last night for supper (I finished up cooking it as the storm roared through) I made Turkey Chop Suey and Perfect Brown Rice. I know I’ve blogged about these in the past, but the recipes are good, so I’m sharing again.

Perfect Brown Rice

  • 1 c. brown rice
  • 4 c. water
  • Rinse the rice for 30 seconds under cold water.
  • Boil the water with a dash of salt.
  • Add rice to boiling water, stir once.
  • Turn heat to medium & boil uncovered for 30 minutes, stir often.
  • Strain the rice & drain for 10 seconds.
  • Return rice to pot & cover with a tight lid.
  • Allow to steam for 10 minutes.
  • Fluff with a fork and serve!

Ground Turkey Chop Suey

  • 20 oz. Jennie-O Extra Lean Ground Turkey
  • 1/2 c. onion, chopped
  • 10 1/2 oz. chicken broth, divided
  • 1 c. celery, chopped
  • 8 oz. can water sliced water chestnuts, drained
  • 4 1/2 oz. sliced mushrooms, drained
  • 1/4 t. ground ginger
  • salt & pepper
  • 28 oz. bean sprouts, drained
  • 2 T. cornstarch
  • 2 T. low sodium soy sauce
  • Cook the turkey and the onion until no longer pink.
  • Add 1 cup broth and celery, chestnuts, mushrooms & ginger.
  • Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover & simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • Add in bean sprouts, heat through.
  • Combine the cornstarch, soy sauce & remaining broth.
  • Stir into turkey mixture, bring to a boil.
  • Cook & stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.
  • This makes very large servings for very little points. 5 servings = 4 PointsPlus


My exercise this morning was 2 – 10 minute programs on the elliptical. I also did some ab and arm exercises. Later on this morning we are meeting a friend and her kids on the levee for a walk. I have some books at the library and we need milk from Kwik Trip. Tonight I work at Weight Watchers and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Enjoy the day!

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