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5k walk, carnival & a graduation.

on June 1, 2013

Good evening! This morning I slept in until 5ish. I knew I wasn’t exercising at home this morning since the girls and I were walking a 5k at 8:30am. My scale said 147# this morning, I’m pretty happy at this weight. I know I’ll never be that skinny woman and I’m okay with that. 🙂

We headed out at 7:45am to head out to the walk so we could get our shirts in time. We started out pretty good. Of course C says I walk to fast, so I did my best to pace myself so she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. She did loads better this year and did not complain nearly as much. In fact, once we reached the 1/2 way point, got some water, had a potty break and a short rest, she even jogged a bit on the way back. We’d pick an object to run to and then resume walking. It made it go a lot faster. Another thing that helped was seeing the kites off in the distance. Overall the walk was 68 minutes including our pitstop.

resting on walk

car and mom on 5k

lyd and mom on 5k


After the walk we went to the library to kill some time before the parade started. Sadly, the parade was short, but the highlights were listening to the high school band and the middle school band. They were both excellent!

When the short parade was over we headed to the carnival for some rides. While we were there we met up with my friend Tami and her kids. The kids went on a few rides together and then had sno-cones. We got to the van just as a few sprinkles were falling from the sky. Then we headed out to Amanda’s graduation party. It was nice to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in years. Everyone’s kids have grown up so much!

on ferris wheel

slide at fair

Finally we made it home around 3:30pm and hung around until hubby got home. He’s outside now finishing up mowing the lawn. Soon it will be supper time and then rest!


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