My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Sunny Monday

on June 3, 2013

Good Monday morning! It’s the last Monday of the school year and it seems surreal that summer break is around the corner. Who knows what this summer will bring?

My morning workout was a 10 minute elliptical warmup and then Workout 4 with Jillian. I was feeling the burn this morning. I plan on walking around town (or the levy) sometime this morning. I need to do a few errands around town, so I thought I’d get a walk in too. My home scale has me up 2# from yesterday, 148.6#. I’m guessing sodium since I didn’t have a bingefest this weekend. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m hoping to weigh-in for the month on this Wednesday at Weight Watchers.

I have a couple of things going on this week, but not too many..

  • Monday – home workout, walk, errands, shampoo the girls’ hair
  • Tuesday –  home workout, piano lessons at 4:30pm
  • Wednesday – home workout, work Weight Watchers, pickup friend’s daughter
  • Thursday – home workout, MRI, Aldi’s, girls to Tami’s house, visit SIL?, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – home workout, ???? home with the kids

Head lice is still an issue in our household. I reshampooed myself yesterday and recombed for nits. Sadly there were a couple of nits, but nothing alive. I also went through both girls’ hair. L is pretty much over this whole head lice issues, but C is not. There were still 2 of the buggers in her thick hair! Tonight they both get their 2nd shampoo. I told hubby I’m just going to buy more of the shampoo to keep on hand and I’ll just keep checking hair every other day until it’s entirely gone! It’s about all I can do.

L is still going strong with Piano lessons. During the summer we are going to try to do the lessons earlier on in the day, instead of at 4:30pm. We’ll just work around her summer school schedule to fit them it.

Working WW is going well. The members are adjusting to the new leader. While attendance to the meetings is down, there are still a bunch of people coming to weigh in each week. Summer is always sort of sketchy as far as attendance goes. It always ramps up in September when the kids return to school.

Thursday is my MRI. I’m a bit nervous. I don’t want them to find any nodules on my pituitary gland because I do not want to have surgery. I’m hoping the outcome is no nodules and I just have to go back on the birth control pill to get my period. Mostly I need to get the hormones in my body so I don’t have bone loss. Since my grandmother has osteoporosis I know I’m more likely to get it too so I need to do what I can to prevent that.

Not much else to say, enjoy your day!


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