My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I’m unremarkable….

on June 11, 2013

Good morning! I called the Dr’s office yesterday to find out about my MRI. I had an unremarkable MRI with a partially empty sella. No further action is required, other than going back on the birth control pill to restore some hormones to my body. Whew! Now I’m just waiting to hear about that from the office.

Yesterday I mowed a bunch of the lawn with the push mower. Mostly I wanted to get the front yard done so we could put the badminton net back up. After that I was trying to teach the girls how to serve the birdie. We ‘played’ around for a little bit, but we definately need some more practice.

I also ate too much junky food yesterday and I felt awful. This morning I had food guilt and slept in. Don’t worry, I’m not skipping my workout today. L has piano lessons at 9am and then after that we are taking our bikes on the levee for a ride. Yeah, not as strenuous as running or pumping iron, but a workout nonetheless.

That’s if from me, enjoy the sunshine!


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