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on June 18, 2013

Good afternoon! The girls are in full swing with summer school. They weren’t happy about going on Monday morning, but their attitude was entirely different after. They were so excited about their Spanish class among other things. Thankfully it’s going well for both of them.

What’s up with me? Let’s see…I’m working out, weeding the flower beds and getting sunburned in the process, cleaning up the house a bit and oh, yeah, getting my husband’s sickness! I thought I wasn’t going to feel any effects of his hacking for the past 3-4 days. However, I got up this morning and my throat is sore. Hmm…I took a cold-eeze and headed out for the morning.

I found some great deals at Goodwill. I found 3 nice shirts for me at $3.99 each and 1 pair of shorts for the girls at $1.99. One of the shirts I may even wear to my class reunion next weekend. It will look nice with my black capris and sandals.

L has piano lessons soon and then it’s my turn to pickup the girls at 3pm today. I’m going to walk for the 1/2 hour she has lessons. I have a flavored pork roast (that I got on sale at Walmart) for supper which I am only hoping I’ll be able to taste! 😛 I probably won’t walk after supper since I’ll be going soon.

Still no word from the library as to what my training schedule will be next week. I just wish I knew for my own sanity-sake. Whatever. It is what it is. I have to stop in after piano to get a few books that are in so maybe I’ll happen upon my boss then.

My weight is at 147.8#, but I feel like my stomach is ginormous. Maybe it’s from taking that progesterone pill, who knows. I have another 4 days to take it. So far my period hasn’t made an appearance. I didn’t expect it to, frankly. I’m sure I’ll be calling the clinic on Monday morning to ask for a stronger dosage.

My garden is doing so-so. Some things are flourishing, but those are mostly the things that take a long time to actually produce anything. My spinach is tiny, my lettuce (romaine) is starting to do things and my kale is slowly growing. Carrots and beets are still pretty small. My potatoes are pretty huge though and so are my cruciferous vegetables. I’m not sure about my pepper plants, I’m hoping once it gets a bit warmer that they’ll take off. Every year is so different in the world of gardening.

That’s it from my world. Enjoy the day!



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