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Rockin’ CrossFit!

on June 24, 2013

Here’s what my workout was this morning.


40 Air squats
Arm/leg swings
10 Leg whips
… 10 Hand stand holds (10 sec) I actually accomplished doing some hand stand holds against the wall, not 10, but I did it! Yeah, I did hit my head a couple of times which may explain my headache. LOL

On the minute to as heavy as possible

I did a 25# bar with 20# of weights for the 5-5-5, then I went to 30# weights for 3-3-3 and then 50# for the 1-1-1

Then 21-18-15-12-9-6-3  I did 11-9-7-5-3-1
Push Press 95/75 I did the 25# bar
Ring Row I started out easy and then ended with more body weight.

Stretch/rollout Hamstrings

So, how did it go? Well, it’s harder to get up at 4:05am than 4:30am, why? Who knows. I do know I fret more about NOT waking up and missing it! LOL I felt a lot more comfortable today and I’m even starting to learn some names. There was another newbie there this morning so it was nice to have another person there.
The warmup was pretty easy. Arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, etc. Then it came to the hand stand. I thought…hmm… CAN I do this? I walked over to the wall and I tried the easy way first. Basically climbing up the wall backwards instead of throwing my legs overhead. Then Tom said he thought I’d be able to do it. He showed me how, talked about how to use my shoulder strength and lock it out and then kick it up into a hand stand. Yeah, I dropped down a couple of times, hit my head on the concrete, but I kept trying and I did it! I think 2 or 3 more, so even though I didn’t do the 10, I did it! Chris was ‘mad’ because she’s been trying for 2 years. I think I benefit from this sort of peer pressure. I’m definitely trying things I wouldn’t normally try.
Then it came to deadlifts. These aren’t too awful. I started out pretty easy and then worked up to heavier weights.
Finally it was on to the circuit. I have to work on my form for the push press to keep the weight overhead and not out in front of my body. The abs were easy, but I think that’s why my neck has been sore. The rings were more challenging, but I started out with less body weight and ended up doing the final one with all my weight. Yeah I could do it, but I don’t think I can do 21 yet! I’ll get there though.
Something I really want to be able to do at some point is a pull-up on a bar. I sucked at them in high school since I was way too overweight and out of shape to lift my body weight. I’m hoping now I can build up the strength to do it.
I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, I think!
I really like CrossFit but I’m worried about getting my cardio in. I’m going to have to work on that for sure. I know I’ll get it in on the Saturday or Sunday with a run on the treadmill, but during the week I’d have to do it in the morning or early afternoon. I guess I’ll see how I feel. I love exercising first thing in the morning, before I eat, before I shower, etc. I feel like once I shower and get dressed into regular clothes I’m pretty much done for the day. I think I just need to change my attitude about that.
Backing up to yesterday. The girls wanted to go to Devil’s Lake State Park to swim. Hubby and I wanted to hike too, so we left early and hiked for over an hour, ate lunch by the beach and the girls went for a swim. We ended up leaving just as the storm clouds were rolling in, lucky us! We headed back home, got some ice cream and watched Oz. I sorta watched it and did other things around the house.
girls on bridge

angie and tom devils



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