I wanted to hit snooze, but I went to CrossFit instead.

 Good Wednesday morning! Wow, I have truly been sleeping like a rock! My alarm startles me almost every morning lately. This morning I hit snooze and then realized I can’t hit snooze if I want to make it to CrossFit in time. So, I rolled out of bed and got ready to start my day.

Tues night/Wednesday morning
Warm up
3 Laps
High knees
Bear walk
Frankenstein walk – this was new, opposite foot to opposite hand, like Frankenstein, duh.
Ab slide – otherwise known as the inch worm, I couldn’t flex all the way down due to my hip muscle.

Skill- kip pull ups – I worked on these some more.

A- Clean N Jerk
On 90 sec clock AHAP
5-5-4-4-3-3-2 – I started with a 35# bar and ended at 65# which was tough.
5 rounds
5 Deadlift @70-75% – I was at 65# on these, I still need to work on my form.
15 KB swings – 20# ball, I’m going to 25# next time.
10 wallballs – 10# wallball
20 Double unders – 60 regular jump ropes

I finished in 11:17 I think (I’ll have to check the Facebook post later, I can’t recall). In the end a lady there was helping me on my deadlift form. It’s such a process to get everything right.
Yesterday, L finally had a piano lesson. Her teacher is going through some health issues right now, but we should be good for next week and hopefully the week after that. L is progressing very nicely and I want her to keep going as long as possible. It may get trickier once school starts, but we’ll do what we can to keep her lessons going.
Working at the library yesterday was busy. There was a movie for the kids so I had to usher kids through all the construction to the other end where the movie was playing. I also did a lot of shelving of books and shelf reading (organizing the books). The workers were in yesterday to put the caps and sides on all the bookshelves so it look awesome! The painters were also there finishing up any touchups. There are still many things to get done, but progress is being made! I work tonight from 5-8:30pm. I also work Weight Watchers from 11-1 today. Thankfully we did our errands yesterday morning so today I don’t have to do any shopping.
Sadly, now that summer school is over the kids are a tad bored, plus I’m leaving for work for a few hours each day, so we don’t end up going anywhere. I’m going to make it up on Friday and hopefully we can get to the beach with some friends that day.
Enjoy your day!

Oh, my, I think I pulled something…

 Good morning! Another great night of sleep, I think the cool weather at night is helping with that.

Mon night/tues morning
Warm up
3 minute Jump Rope
Good mornings
Superman to hollow hold – this was the move that pulled a lower ab muscle
Mountain climbers

Skill- Kip pull ups, keeping active shoulder – I practiced swinging from the shoulders

A- Push Jerk
On the 60 sec, AHAP
5-5-4-4-3-3-2  – I started at 35# bar and then got to 65#
Air Squats
Knees to elbows –  I tried 2 rounds of this but my lower ab made it painful, so Tom had me do abmats instead.
Run 1 mile AFAP (to library)
My finish time was 19:00 on the nose! Not too shabby for Workout B
Yesterday I worked at the library. I ended up moving books with Crystal for 4 hours! At least I was busy. Apparently they were shelved too high for young kids and for the top cap to go on. I’m glad that’s behind us. I have no idea how today will go. I’m hoping to shelve more books and become more familiar with where things are. Even though the other section of the library is closed there are people still working and helping out in the children’s library. Thank goodness! There would have been no way one person could have handled yesterday afternoon.
I have a to-do list a mile long this morning. I’m hoping to accomplish it all before I go to work at 12:45. 🙂

First day of work!

 Good morning! It seems like it will be a warmer day today. I slept good last night and woke up to my alarm clock. Here’s the workout I did today.

Monday morning
Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jump
Crab walk back
… Then
Arm/ leg swings

Skill-Handstand  – Today I did these pretty well. It still hurts my wrist.

A- 8 rounds
8 wallball – 10# ball
8 Pull up – jump from the box
Run 200m with sandbag – I’m unsure of the weight, but some were heavier than the others.
(From garage door to 317 Edgewater and back) – total time was 19:17

Then Push up to failure. Groups of 3-4 for 10min – We did this in a circle, one person doing pushups while the rest held plank. It was tough and I had to come out of it a lot.

My home scale said 149.8# this morning, but I started the pills again last night, so that will change.
I’m taking my friend’s daughter to VBS three mornings this week. Surprisingly my girls woke up at 7am. I thought they’d sleep in a bit longer since they have nothing planned for today.
I work at the library today from 1-5. It’s technically my first day of work on my own. The children’s library is the only section open and I have a feeling it will be pretty busy with kids turning in their reading slips and wanting to check out the new area. Tomorrow afternoon when I work is the Free movie for the kids, so it’ll be quiet during that time period anyway. Wednesday night when I work is the teen closing party. Thursday I work during the morning, so it’ll work out for me to take my kids to the closing party in the afternoon.
No other news from me, enjoy your day!

Is it October?

Wow! Talk about a change in the weather. Yesterday we had our annual picnic and it was cold! Like in the 60’s with no sun and a slight breeze. It had a feeling of Fall in the air. I love Fall, I’m just not ready for it yet.

Yesterday morning I did a 15 minute program on the elliptical and then a 20 minute interval program on the treadmill. I ended it up with a quick 10 minute run. I don’t even tough the weights in the basement anymore since I get enough of that at Crossfit. I took a peak at tomorrow’s workout and it seems the skill we’ll be working on is pullups. That’s great because I need a ton of practice on this. Yeah, I need to get stronger too, but I need to work on the technique of this move.

My theory of being off the pill for a week affecting my weight was correct. I was down to 149.8# this morning and yesterday 149.2#, I’ve been around 152# when I’m on the pill. We’ll see what happens this week since I go back on it today.

So, anyway, back to yesterday. I worked out and then made the salad for the picnic. The food was chicken & veggie kabobs, a ton of fruit & veggies, macaroni salad, cookies & angel food cake with berries. It was delicious. After we were done eating and cleaning up we headed to the hotel that my friend is staying at so the kids could all swim. I think they were there almost 2 hours, I’m not sure. All I know is they were exhausted afterwards. 🙂

after swimming

Today is my day of rest. I need to rest my body for the week ahead since it looks like I’ll be pretty busy. Busy is good. 🙂

Enjoy your day!

Let the weekend begin!

 Good Friday morning. It was another great night of sleep. I awoke to my alarm clock again today. I’m only hoping I can sleep a bit later tomorrow morning, but I know my internal clock will wake me up. Today marked my 5th week of Fitness Foundry. I’ve come a long way and I have a looonnnggeeerr way to go, but I’m excited for it!

Thursday night Friday morning
Warm up
Run 800M
Shoulder mob

Skill- Handstand /walk – I did 2 regular handstands with assistance and then I did them backward on the wall, just trying to hold my body weight up. It was tough after 5 days of this skill.

A- Front Squat
10-8-6-4-2-1-2+4+6+8+10+ – I started with a 35# bar and was up to 65# for the 1 and 2+ reps, I could not muscle the 75#

Tabata 20/10 6 rounds – This means 20 sec. of the move, 10 sec. rest, repeat 6 times.
Mtn climbers
Lateral jumps
High knees
BattleRopes – these are hard! Wow, it was the first time we’ve done this and it’s hard to move a HEAVY rope up and down.
Push press empty bar – this was hard after doing the ropes since my arms were tired out!
Jump rope

Today was a good workout. I was sweaty and sore. Now I’m looking forward to my weekend. Tomorrow will be some cardio in the basement and Sunday will be a day of rest.
So what’s on tap for today? Well, I have a to-do list that is quite long. Small things, but I had to write them down so I don’t forget. My friend Sandy will be in town today and so I’m going to her hotel this afternoon to chat with her a bit. The rest of my friends are going out to dinner, but I declined. I haven’t been home for dinners like I’d like, so I want to spend the time with the family. Tomorrow we all get together at Stacci’s house for a picnic. It looks like the weather will be fairly cool which I can’t complain about. Other years it’s been so awfully hot so this will be a welcome change.
I finally have my work schedule for the library next week. I can’t believe we are opening on Monday, it’s going to be crazy! I’m thankful I don’t do the opening shift at 9am. I come in at 1pm and by then I hope they have the kinks worked out! LOL Tuesday will be very busy in the afternoon. The reading slips are due for the summer reading program and there is a free movie in the afternoon for the kiddos. That means from 1:30-3 it will be quieter while they are in the movie, but it will be busy after that! It will make my afternoon go pretty quickly.
So, looking ahead…
  • Monday – FF, drop off K (friend’s daughter) 8:30am, work 1-5
  • Tuesday – FF, drop off K 8:30am,  work 1-5, piano?
  • Wednesday – FF, drop off K 8:30am, Weight Watchers 11-1, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, party at the library, Weight Watchers 4:45-7
  • Friday – FF, wide open! Maybe the beach if the weather is nice.

Enjoy your Friday!

It made an appearance….

Well, after 16 months I’ve finally gotten a period. Yep, I don’t like it much. 😛 On to more exciting things, Fitness Foundry! My body is sore today, but I muscled through it all.
Warm Up
3 laps
Burpee broad jumps
Crabwalk back
… then
arm/leg swingsSkill- Handstand – I moved a hand minutely. We were supposed to try to move around on our hands today. 😛

A- Snatch
on the min AHAP – I did the 35# bar and then for the last few I did 45#
B- 75 Clean N Jerks 95/65
3 Double push up Burpees on the min – This was pretty tough, I did the 35# bar. So we did as many CnJ we could then when the minute buzzed we did 3 double pushup Burpees, then back to the CnJ and repeat all this until we got up to 75 CnJ. It took me 14:30 to get it all done.

I work today at the library from 8:30-12:30 and then I’ll figure out if I work at all tomorrow. We are opening up on Monday! Eak!

Oh, my aching back!

This morning I woke up with my lower back muscles screaming at me! Those deadlifts yesterday took it’s toll on this old body. This morning’s workout was no joke either.
Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning
Warm Up
800M Jog
Shoulder Mob – PVC pipe to stretch out… Skill- Handstand hold on wall, shifting weight hand to hand – Yeah, I did 3 regular handstands, holding for as long as I could stand itWorkout
A- Push Press
10-8-6-4-2-1-(2+)(4+)(6+)(8+)(10+) – Started with 35# bar, ended up at 65#
B- 10 Min AMRAP
5 Front squat 95/65 – I used the 35# bar
15 DU’s – 45 single jump ropes
rest 2 min
8 Minute AMRAP
3 Front squat – I used the 35# bar again
25 AbMat

I completed 11 rounds of the first workout and then 4 of the last workout. I was almost done with 5, but I was short a couple of abmats, and I was pushing for it too!

Yesterday at the library was busy…more on that later….gotta run…


Okay, I’m back from errands and household tasks! Those never seem to end. The library is slowly coming together. Everything is in such a state of chaos it’s hard to believe that everything will be up and running on Monday. Time will tell I guess. 😛

So, this week is my placebo pills. As expected my weight has been going down since Sunday. Stupid hormones. Yeah, so far no period either. Humm…the cramps are lingering around here and there though.

I’m hoping to go kayaking tonight after supper if hubby isn’t too tired from work. L and I plan to load them up on the trailer this afternoon so all he has to do is strap them down and we can go.

Friday night I’m getting together with some girlfriends for a bit of a chat session. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to our picnic on Saturday. It looks like beautiful weather!

I have no other news to report. I’m just keeping on!