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Back from Minnesota and an early workout!

on July 1, 2013

Good Monday Morning! I’m going to start with this morning. The WOD is as follows…

Sampson stretch
OH Squat
Good morning

Snatch Squat – I used the 25# bar, plenty heavy for me

then for time do:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 abmat
50 air squats
x3 rounds
rest 2 minutes between rounds

This workout was not awful, but it was far from easy. I came home and did 10 minutes on my elliptical since I’ve been neglecting my workout equipment. LOL Oh, my weight on Friday morning was 147.4# and this morning was 150.4#. Not bad for 3 days of not tracking my food, but not going crazy.

Now, let’s backup to the weekend. Friday morning hubby went with me to CrossFit. He liked it and I think he’ll be joining in the future. He just has to work out his new job situation first, so it may be a few weeks. We think the 7:30am class would work best for him. We came home, showered, packed it up and hit the road around 8am. Around 11:30am we were in Byron, MN and we met up with my aunt for lunch. We haven’t seen her since Easter of 2012, so it’s been a long time. We ate at the Bear’s Den and we took a pic of the girls outside the restaurant.

at bear's den

When we were almost finished eating my uncle showed up. He was able to sneak out of work early too. It was great to see them, I miss getting together. We finally decided we better hit the road. We got into Springfield around 3:30 or so and checked in to our room. We then drove around the town to check out what has changed. Sadly, a lot of things have changed for the worse, buildings torn down, businesses closed, etc. One nice thing we found is that they redid the ‘pit’ into a lovely pond.

3 girls at spfld

They also changed Brown’s Park into a fabulous playground. There is not ONE thing left from my childhood memories of that park. They did an awesome job transforming it. After the park we headed to the cemetaries. Sad, I know, but I wanted to see the headstones of my family members and take a few photos of them.

That night we went out for supper at a Pizza Buffet place. I had salad, 2 pieces of pizza, one dessert pizza with some ice cream. I definitely did not overdo it there and I was proud of myself. That night the girls swam at the hotel and we got to bed around 10pm.

Saturday morning was the 5k walk. It was raining for part of it, but overall the weather was decent. The girls had moderate complaining, mostly by C, but she worked through it.

mom lydia 5k spfld

I challenged the girls to have us finish this 5k faster than the previous one. I think that one was 1 hr. and 15 minutes or so, this one we finished in an hour! I was so proud of them. After the race it was pretty rainy so we went back to the hotel to decide what to do. The girls swam some more and then we decided to head to Redwood Falls. On the way there it stopped raining and the sun was poking out. We went to Alexander Ramsey Park and saw some animals, walked around a bit and saw the falls.

feeding goat

redwood falls

We got back to Springfield and took the girls to the swimming pool in the park. It has a waterslide which they went down at least 20 times! Too bad that wasn’t around when I was a kid.

My reunion was at 5:30pm on Saturday at a restaurant in town. We took the girls to my friend Cherie’s house and headed downtown. I was a bit nervous about seeing people again, but it all went fine. There was only 14 people out of 54 there! Surprisingly I ended up across from a guy from my class that I never really talked to at all in high school and found out that we have a lot of things in common right now. Strange, but it was nice to have good dinner conversation. I ended up chatting with most of the 14 people, or at minimum just shook their hands and said hello.

20 year reunion

I hung around for about 3 hours and then everyone (except us) headed to the bar. I’m not into the bar scene. The rides at the carnival were awful, truly awful, like 4 rides only. The girls didn’t get to go on any, but I don’t think they were to sad. They did get cotton candy and we shared a funnel cake. I just had to have some and it was so-so. I won’t need a funnel cake again for years! LOL

We were up until about 10pm again that night and I was up around 5:30am, so I snuck to the lobby with a tablet and played WordFeud until breakfast was put out. We left around 8am to head back home. We stopped in LaCrosse on the way pack to price out some new stoves. Our oven has officially died and after 13 years I think we should just buy a new one and not repair the oven. We found one that we liked on sale, but I’m going to check locally today before we decide. We got home around 3pm or so and then L had to unpack and repack for her sleepover birthday party she was going to at 4pm. She looked pretty tired when I dropped her off, I only hope she perked up a bit! LOL

So, now back to today. I slept wonderfully last night and got up shortly before my alarm. I got up and at ’em to head to CrossFit. Everyone seemed a bit sleepy this morning and not too chatty. We all had a case of the Mondays. Thankfully my muscles have recovered and I’m not in major pain right now. I’m sure that will change after today’s squats! 😛

So what’s on tap for today and the week…..

  • Monday – CF, shopping, weeding the garden, recooperate, laundry
  • Tuesday – CF, beach day?
  • Wednesday – CF, work Weight Watchers, get food ready for picnic on Thursday, clean the house!
  • Thursday – workout at home (I’m guessing CF is closed, but need to ask), get ready for party at our house
  • Friday – CF? (not sure if it’s open), Amelia (the cat) has a vet appointment, beach?
  • Saturday – workout at home, head to some auctions
  • Sunday – rest

Hopefully thrown in there will be a new oven since I’d like to bake some bread for the upcoming week.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your Monday!


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